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Blogathon 2009!


What's Blogathon? One day a year, we pull an all-nighter for charity. Post every half hour for 24 hours.

When is it? Saturday, July 25.

What do you write during Blogathon? Every freakin' year since 2003, I've written flash fiction on demand. Ye, every half hour. For 24 hours.

What's your chosen charity? The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center!

Why is this a call to artists? Well, I'll tell you.

In 2007, a few people gave me things to auction to raise extra money for BARCC. In 2008, I expanded this greatly - I called for "artifacts", and cast myself as an alien xenoarchaeologist trying to extrapolate human society from these items. Check it out.

Now, financially, this was a great success - over $3,000 raised for BARCC! Creatively and emotionally, not so much, and the reason for that is... I got sort of crippled by my own success.

See, I've always found that Blogathon works better when you team up with other Blogathonners. Keeps you awake. Keeps you typing. Keeps you sane-ish. So I invited other people to Blogathon with me. This went from one blogging buddy to six to, last year, a dozen bloggers and significant support staff. Which is freakin' awesome, I tell you, and I am so grateful.

But the thing is, I can't manage a team and write decent flash fiction for 24 hours straight. I can do one of these things. But I found last year that I absolutely and uncategorically cannot do both. I was constantly interrupted for house questions, to fetch towels, to mediate disagreements - I retreated to Elayna's bedroom, close to tears, for a chunk of the night because no one would let me write.

I have not talked openly about how much this impacted me, because I don't want the people involved to feel bad. We were all tired and disorganized, and it all got piled on me in ways most of you didn't see, and I can't do that again.

So I talked to a few people, and we came up with a plan that seems sane. We are eliminating the "where's the colander?" questions and "she's being to loud!" complaints by relocating to feste_sylvain's house, where there's ample room to spread out and Feste, who's not Blogathonning, will handle the colanders. We are eliminating the "who's cooking dinner?" and "are you drinking enough water?" by having emilytheslayer in charge of the pit crew.

This frees up a lot of my time and energy. But I'm still Team Leader, so there will still be questions and interruptions. And y'know, raising thousands of dollars for charity trumps the production of flash fiction on demand. So here's what I'm doing.

Every half hour, I will post a flash-sized piece of something I've previously written. Wind Tunnel Dreams, Shayara, Places You Haunt, whatever. This frees me up to handle Team Venture and still do Blogathon, and beneath the fictionbits, I'll narrate our wacky Blogathon in realtime.

And since the auctions last year were so successful, I'd like to do them again.

So. Artists. Crafters. Musicians. Makers of things. What I would like to ask of you is this: If you have ever been inspired to make something based on one of my stories or poems, please consider making it and letting me auction it for BARCC.

If you make something, I will post the piece that inspired it. This is a good way to see favorite WTD pieces again! And everything that has something crafted for it will remain unlocked from then on. :)

Anyone interested?
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