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Hello to new reader stealthymonkey!

I am made of ouch. Active weekend. I'll need to take it easy today.

Shut Up and Write Day
Am at 9,236 words in the Telenias/Katrina story. And he hasn't even been approached to be the Telenias yet. I have the beginning. I have some of the middle - I have one long stream-of-consciousness arc that poured out of me on Friday, from the beginning of the relationship through Janet's death and House Tallart's falling under the auspices of the Council, and I wrote some of the necessary scenes that are the beats of the middle of the story. I wrote the first crack in the NRE - the one sentence, cruelly dropped by Stephen, that will fester in their relationship til it becomes the end of them.

This'll double in size, this thing - because I've been so focused on following the evolution of their relationship that I've not been putting in necessary stuff about his relationship to the city, about the peculiarities of Tallat, about the things that will drive him to be Telenias.

The story is difficult in unusual ways. It has no rape in it, yay! But it is difficult because it is the course of a first love - a love between two people who are ultimately just entirely wrong for each other, so it can never work, but they don't know that, and hey feel like if the just try - a little - harder -

And shit, I've been there, and I can access that pain pretty easily. So I am sitting here writing and going OUCH OUCH OUCH, and I can understand why Katrina damns herself, and why Telenias retreats from the world.

...oh hai.

Hey, New Yorkers!
Artists and enthusiasts are cordially invited to the first NYC Interstitial Salon – an evening devoted to the pleasures of conversation among boundary-crossing artists, writers, musicians, and creators. June 11, 7-10pm.

If I take the bus down, can I crash at someone's place that night?

Hey, Bostonians!
You have another chance to see Who Does She Think She Is? - May 12, 7:30pm, the Brattle. I really highly recommend it, if you are at all intersted in art or women, and I know you all are.

Link Soup
* Grub Street's summer teen writing fellowship needs your help!
* shveta_thakrar on the cult of the author.
* This is relevant to my interests.

Daily Science
Interview with Michio Kaku.

I have several posts I have to make. And some housework stuff to do - I successfully did the winter/summer closet changeover on Saturday, so my room's much tidier, but I still need to clear out my dresser. There are any number of shirts in there that are now too small, but would fit Elayna, and then I'll have more room for the stuff that does fit. (Common conversation: Elayna's friends: "I love your skirt/shirt/headband/necklace!" Elayna, with an amused sigh: "It's my mom's.") Tonight's a BARCC meeting. In between, I'll poke at "My Empire for Ashes" - because once I get that call to be Telenias in, and his turmoil, and his decision, and his leaving, I can call it a first draft. Then I get to go over it again, of course, and put in all the things I glossed over. But hey. Feeling of accomplishment.

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