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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader kschap!

Very, very tired. Weather not helping.

“Janos frightened you, you said?”

She shuddered. “He’s so… cold, and deliberate. And it always feels like he’s watching, weighing me for something.”

“And finding you wanting?” He’d had many an experience like that with Janos.

“Worse. Finding exactly what he wants.” She looked away, pulled away.

Link Soup
* Hey, fibergeeks! freyapax is having a sale! Store here, info here. Anyone feels like getting me yarn, I love Smoke, Reclamation, and Seaglass.
* Buy books from kradical!
* For sale in NYC: Torture devices from 16th century.
* This intrigues me greatly.

Daily Science
One of quantum physics' crazier notions is that two particles seem to communicate with each other instantly, even when they're billions of miles apart. Albert Einstein, arguing that nothing travels faster than light, dismissed this as impossible "spooky action at a distance." The great man may have been wrong. A series of recent mind-bending laboratory experiments has given scientists an unprecedented peek behind the quantum veil, confirming that this realm is as mysterious as imagined.

Writing writing cleaning making banana bread napping fighting towards Inbox Zero figuring out where to submit my flash. Zoom.
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