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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to miashell!

Hello to new reader cypherindigo!

Hangin' in.

Spent pretty much the entire afternoon yesterday allocating final tickets, doing the draw, posting the post, notifying all of the donors and winners via e-mail so they could give necessary info and addresses. Phew. Have packed up the Elayna-earrings and chapbook; I need to make a batch of fortune-cookie-fortune pendants. It's cloudy and drizzly til about 1, so I have time for that. Emily will let Elayna know what she wants her to write and sing, Shazza's put a pin in the Gojirawitz Girls Brownies until Aries gets home, ysabel will give me the seed for her custom poem, and firebirdgrrl will be Melusine in modern-day Shayara; I'll just write and see where she ends up.

Wow. This is what done-for-now looks like.

The check to Explo is going out in today's mail.

To clarify further... once "My Empire for Ashes" is out, I'll be writing Shayara from the starting point of Act One. Not scattery vignettes like you've seen on LJ over the years, or even jumpy bits like are on the website; I plan to write out the whole story, and when it is posted, it will read like novel chapters. I still love the idea of art, and ultra_lilac's volunteered to provide some (which makes me bounce and squee, because I love her art), and I'm always open to more... and lrstrobel's still on board to do music (I suspect I'll have to take the train down to House Strobel sometime and sit with him to get it all Just Right). I love the idea of this being a fuller experience than just words on a screen. I love people who love it being a part of it.

I have... tons of projects that I will not sit down and list at this point, but after the short fiction, Places You Haunt is at the top of the list. (Some short fiction will be Vegas-based, too - I still have to tell the story of Hal got the cards he's using in "Fortune".)

My ideal - and I have *no* idea if this will work - is to have Shayara feel like the play I get to do after I've worked. I'd like to write things concurrently. I hope that works. My brain is unpredictable.

Read my husband!
For the snark, for the movie reviews, for the links - and for the massive deals.

Link Soup, Daily Science Edition
* Graphene was first identified only a few years ago, and has since been proferred for all sorts of uses, including ultracapacitors, spintronics, and now as a light source.
* Living jewelry and electronic tattoos. How can we even write near-future SF anymore?
* Over 200 new amphibian specis found in Madagascar!

Makin' jewelry. Post office/bank/library. Writing - I have extra-long today, because Elayna will be out with the Girl Scouts. I have the massive to-do list to choose from after that; I think today may be a clean the office or change over the closet day. I'm feeling spring-cleaning-y.
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