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Sold lavender products to benefit BARCC... the Hrvard Square Business Association promised chairs, but did not deliver. So. Standing and bouncing around on concrete for four hours, plus a brief recon after, plus walking home from the bus, meant I was utterly exhausted and felt like knives were being pounded up my calves. Napped heavily but briefly, and had very interrupted sleep. Legs still hurt this morning.

I'm at the point of aaaagh too much to do that my priority this morning is making my grand household to-do list, so I can pick one Big Thing a day to do and don't pressure myself to do all the Big Things at once. I actually have no plans for this week, save Elayna's spring concert Tuesday night, so this is the perfect time to accomplish things like the big BPAL weeding and the winter/spring closet changeover.

After finishing ticket allocation and doing the draw this morning, that is!

Sending Elayna to Explo
I can't yet give a breakdown of funds raised in terms of raffle vs. GGC vs. regular WTD vs. WTD book presales. What I can say is that Elayna is going to Explo, including the New York/Yale trip. When I told her, she squeed and bounced and hugged. :)

So thank you, everyone. So much. If you won or donated an item, you'll get an e-mail from me this afternoon; I'll post when those are sent.

Stories to Read
* "The Sound of Gears", by theferrett
* "The Devonshire Farms", by alankria
* "Red Dust", by dulcinbradbury
* "The Lost Diary of Treefrog7", by Nnedi Okorafor

Daily Science
Magnetic tornadoes form when the magnetic field in the solar wind links up to the field generated by a planet, a process called magnetic reconnection. Bundles of magnetic field lines connect the surface of the planet directly to the surface of the sun, and as the solar wind pushes them away from the sun, they twist and whirl like cyclones. On Earth, these cyclones (technically called “flux transfer events”) dance on the ionosphere, creating the Northern Lights and messing up GPS systems.
On Mercury, though, the twisters were 10 times as strong as any magnetic cyclones observed on Earth. With so little atmosphere to interfere, Mercury’s magnetic tornadoes are great spinning chutes that ionized gas can slide down.
“They act as magnetic channels or open windows that allow solar wind plasma from the sun, very fast and very hot, to come right down those field lines and impacts the surface,” said Jim Slavin of NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center. When the gas hits the surface, it knocks off neutrally-charged atoms and sends them on a loop high into the sky.

Raffle disposition, writing post, listmaking, writing, possible closet changeover.
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