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Come home.

It tugs; it whispers. Quiet at first, but it builds over time, insinuates itself into everything I do, makes everything an echo - makes everything remind me of it.

Come home.

This is where I grew up. I know every diner where steam rises from 2am coffee. I know every pulsing-neon nightclub. I know how the fog eddies around your feet when you stride home after a night out.

I know the luthiers and the chandlers, the booksellers and the painters. I know where to get the best coffee, the best pastries. I know the alleyways with the murals. I know the apiaries and the perfumers.

Come home.

I know the secret histories, and I know who the castle gates will open for, and when. I know the fairy tales. I know where to find the flower that grows in the Carnival District alone, where the first Lishaya fell.

I know what happened before the Fall.

Come home.

This is how to get there:

Go outside. Close your eyes.

Follow the longing.

Come with me.
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