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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to novelfriend and ysobelle!

Hello to new reader ccfinlay!

I ran myself into an asthma attack yesterday, trying to get to my BARCC engagement... sounded like the wheezy penguin from Toy Story. My legs didn't thank me for it either. So. A bit of an ouchy evening. I was up super-early - have been all week. I am unaccustomed to open windows and the roar of Adam's window fan. Give me a week.

Is going well; you have til 11:59pm EST tomorrow, May 1 to get your tickets in! You still have a great chance at a lot of these! (Hint: author lunches, SRSLY. AnachroCon. Book trailer. Blog setup. Go shop.)

Make Stuff!
talkstowolves has a beautiful post up about the Interfictions 2 Auction call for artists/musicians/makers of stuff. So if you make things, go look. If you choose my story "Valentines" to work with, I will send you handwritten scraps of the story to use in your creation, should you choose to do so (this is relevant to the story, I swear), and I will send you a valentine. <3

If "Valentines" doesn't flick your Bic, pick someone else! It all goes to support the IAF. I'm just hoping for "Valentines" art pieces because... dude. Look at the company I'm keeping.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month; also, Be a Superhero!
is just about over. *breathes* This is one of the busiest months for BARCC, and for the community education/prevention team in particular. All the colleges, some of the cities, health fairs, clothesline displays, speeches, workshops, take back the night every week somewhere else...

There are 21 of us. (140 volunteers, total, in BARCC. 21 in CAPS.) 21 of us and a few staffers. With engagements every day for a month; sometimes multiple engagements in a day, 6 or 8 of us out leading workshops and tabling and educating on any given day.

We rule. We raised the most money in the Walk for Change, too, CAPS did. With the smallest team. We're gung-ho!

There are too few of us.

We were lucky - I don't think we had to turn anyone away this month. People rearranged work schedules, took multiple engagements in a day, flew solo like I did yesterday (we tend to go in pairs in case the presenter needs backup). We made it happen.

But the thing about outreach is that it makes people more aware of us. Which is great! This is what we want! But we need the people. We're going to continue to grow, and we need the people.

We don't tend to get walk-in volunteers. When people think "rape crisis center volunteer", they think hotline, or medical advocacy. People actually tend to assume that CAPS volunteers are employees. (I wish!) When we pitch CAPS at the prospective-volunteer info sessions, it's often the first time people hear about it and know it's an option. (Me included; I wanted to be a medical advocate, but the uncertain hours and my uncertain body do not mix well; with CAPS, I make my own schedule, and it's even better suited to my skillset.)

So Bostonians. If you've seen me leading panels and workshops at Arisia, tabling at college fairs or Oktoberfest, walking people through the Clothesline Project, whatever, and thought "Wow, 'song clearly loves doing this" or "wow, it's freakin' awesome that 'song's out there making a tangible change in our culture" and thought maybe you'd like to join me someday, do it! We have a training in July. The commitment they ask of you is 4 hours a month for one year. You do not have to run around like I do! I don't have a day job, so I cover a lot of the midday ones. If all you can do in a month is a tabling or a survivor speaker accompaniment, that's fine. Because darlings, we will need you come the back-to-school rush.

C'mon. Be a superhero.

And you'll see me at Harvard Square May Fair on Sunday from 11-3, manning the BARCC table and selling lavender products to benefit BARCC. Buy some if you can, but even if you can't, stop by and give me a hug! I do this for my community. I love you guys. And I love it when you make a point of coming out to things I'm doing (like thewronghands, maverick_weirdo, and theloriest did at the Clothesline Project at South Station). Your support rocks my world.

Link Soup
* Fighting Fatigue.
* Spirit Jump
* Writing about rape.
* Reinventing the book in the age of the web.
* haikujaguar on vocations.

Daily Science
Every dog and cat knows that scratching relieves an itch. But for ages, not even neuroscientists knew why. Now, a University of Minnesota study shows that scratching turns off activity in spinal cord nerves that transmit the itching sensation to the brain. The researchers hope eventually to learn just how the inhibition works. That in turn could lead to new ways of duplicating the benefits of scratching without the drawbacks, which would greatly benefit people with chronic itching.

I approve of this research pleasegodhelp.

I've been on the move... um, wow. Pretty constantly since about the 17th. Granted, I did nothing Tuesday, but I was in a torpor. Today is nice and crisp. Today, I will get things done around the house, get some work done on "My Empire for Ashes" (which has sadly been just as set-aside as my knitting) (and I need to get ultra_lilac those character descriptions so she can draw that portrait), hopefully post some mini book reviews, and maybe even get some reading time. I hope. I shall pace myself. Because I have another full three-day weekend. Mmm, also need to write an updated to-do list to keep my kernel from thrashing.

I see feste_sylvain tonight! And tomorrow! Anyone else going to the Beltane thing on the Charles at dawn?
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