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Tew's Day!

It feels like Monday, because I was pretty much out of the house Saturday-Monday.

Hello to new reader aamcnamara!

A lot of activity and walkinging around with a heavy pack Saturday-Monday, and I'm feeling it. Having a hard-to-lift-the-coffeepot day, which I must overcome to get to Diesel because I need social time.

I need to sit down and sort the checks (thank you, browngirl, I got yours!), PayPal, and TipJoy, so I can figure out how much she still needs. And send a check ove to Explo, because I get twitchy having the money in our account.

I need to make the spreadsheet today and figure out which items have no or very few tickets in 'em so I can pimp those harder. "You stand a good chance of winning $ITEM!"

I need to e-mail all of the people who PayPalled but didn't tell me what they wanted their tickets to go towards.

I need a day off.
For serious. The conference this weekend was tremendously useful, but exhausting. So was yesterday.

BARCC Awesomeness
* I get to pioneer something brand new tomorrow! A mediated discussion group about the Clothesline Project. My volunteer coordinator said I'm the perfect person for this, because I come off as really approachable and engaging, and I'm good at picking out strands of subtext and saying "Well, okay, let's talk about that." I blushed.

* I was going to say "every so often you get these moments, these conversations, that validate everything you're doing as a rape crisis counselor. Because this is hard freakin' work. But every so often - you make an impact.

And I was going to say that. But y'know, I get those moments a lot, not just every so often. This may be what keeps us all going - the constant validation. Every workshop, every tabling, every speech - we change lives, and you can *see it happen*, and it's awesome.

My moment of validation last night = a fellow volunteer came to me and my coordinator to disclose something difficult. And I am honored that she trusted me that much, and happy that we were able to help and get her re-grounded, and happy that my coordinator e-mailed me thanks for being there, with really effusive compliments. Made me blush, that did.

It made me all mushy, you guys. And. I'm really glad that I can do what I can do. (Just wish I could find a paying job like this!)

She used a very dark red, reasoning that the sun would lighten it soon. Well, okay, sun. I'm ready. Because I can't see any damn red. This vexes me.

Interfictions 2!
Pre-order here!

Make something based on my story! Or anyone's story.

Link Soup
* Zen Habits poster
* Spooky's skydive.
* Trade tokens. Love these. On that note, Time Trade Circle. Hm.
* Sihaya designs update! Remember, you can put raffle tickets towards a $20 gift certificate to Sihaya Designs!

Daily Science
The evolution of the penis.

Another doctor, but I may reschedule this one so I have most of a day to work on fundraisey stuff and therefore *some* of the day to myself... it's been a long time since I got any downtime, and I really desperately need it.
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