Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to team_tim!

Progress is. Wish I hadn't been awakened early by jackhammers outside my damn window, but there it is. Not in much pain today.

The preliminary list here here. If you're making/donating anything specific, please let me know what it is and send pictures if available? People are more likely to buy raffle tickets for your thing if they know what it is! :) Going nonspecific on the item is also okay in cases like "$25 of store credit at my Etsy store" or whatever.

Yes, we're still adding items - if you have anything you want to pitch in, let me know! I'll probably be working on the spreadsheet off and on all day.

The auction will begin tomorrow and run for two weeks. I won't be posting in every post about it, don't worry - but I will remind you at the bottom of my Wind Tunnel Dreams posts.

Our coffeemaker died yesterday. *hangs head* Fortunately, we had sufficient Amazon credit for the Cuisinart we'd been eyeing. So that'll be there in two days, but in the meantime, pot-a-day 'song is scraping by on single-cup pod crap. Ugh.

Too Much Hair
It's down to midback again, and I'm very tetchy about it; at this length it's so heavy that it pulls most of the curl out of itself. Turning my head in my sleep can wake me up. *glares at hair* Need to braid it before bed. Need a haircut soon, is what I need. After Explo. Everything's after Explo.

Link Soup
* Fun pics from the Marathon.
* The Musical Wonder House. Road trip, anyone?
* Excellent post about the excellent squidginess of Dollhouse.

Daily Science
In early April, Adam Wilson posted a status update on the social networking Web site Twitter -- just by thinking about it. Just 23 characters long, his message, "using EEG to send tweet," demonstrates a natural, manageable way in which "locked-in" patients can couple brain-computer interface technologies with modern communication tools.

Combination of writing, organizing (yes, still; it goes slowly, as my body allows), and raffle stuff. Still pondering whether to go to Diesel tonight - suspect I'll decide that on the fly. May go just to get real coffee.

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