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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Raffle items so far!

From the Gojirawitz Girls
* "Fortune" chapbook - story by me, art by ultra_lilac, chapbookening by themaskmaker. This is a limited edition of 10 copies, 4 of which are already taken. Collector's item!
* Wind Tunnel Dreams book
* Tuckerization in Shayara
* Short fiction about the Shayara character of your choice
* Custom poem by me
* Custom story or poem by Elayna
* Lunch/dinner with me at Wiscon, Readercon, PiCon (three separate prizes)
* Fortune-cookie-fortune necklace by me
* Earrings by Elayna, as coached by kythryne
* Baked goods of your choice
* Video of Elayna performing the song of your choice from her repertoire (she knows everything by s00j and lots of Tori, Dar, Idina, etc.; also knows Wicked, Hairspray, and the musical episode of Buffy by heart. Among other stuff.)

* Tuckerization in Farscape comic by kradical
* Tuckerization in Stargate novel by terri_osborne
* Autographed copy of The Orphan's Tales by catvalente
* Autographed copy of lesbian erotica anthology Lipstick on her Collar, from contributor cbpotts
* Custom poem by moonfire77
* Print copy of the best of Half Sick of Shadows by dulcinbradbury
* Autographed copy of Desideria by wirewalking
* Autographed copy of Heaven's Bones by samhenderson
* Autographed copy of The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias, and Particularities by rm
* Custom story based on the myth of your choosing by belgatherial

* Video of the s00j/Elayna concert
* s00j's new CD, soon as it's finished!
* Custom ringtones by tigerbright

* "Valentines" pendant by kythryne, based on and including my story of the same name, which will appear in Interfictions 2
* Jewelry by sihaya09
* Jewelry by arianhwyvar
* Jewelry by random_girl
* Necklace by spoothbrush

* Jams by tamidon
* Food item TBA by fiannaharpar
* Kringla by grntserendipity

Fiber Arts
* Crocheted shawl or afghan by littlebuhnee
* Jayne hats by tnjade
* Something from freyapax
* Something from emilytheslayer
* Blue/green/shiny hand-spun art yarn by eilonwy
* A tube-knit scarf with beads and pretties sewn into it by upstart_crow (will include a poem about the scarf!)
* Openwork lace scarf out of Alchemy Silken Straw yarn in the Fullmetal Alchemist colorway by emmalyon

Random Nifty Things
* Lunch at WisCon with catvalente
* Mask by ioianthe
* Cat toys by eilonwy
* Decoupage creations by jennythe_reader
* Dreamcatcher by shadowwolf13
* Custom Altoid-tin purse by niftybabe313 (3)
* Doctor Who Duelling Screwdrivers (interactive game with The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver and The Master's Laser Screwdriver), from mikescomics
* VIP Pass to AnachroCon 2010, courtesy of ydnic
* Stained glass by sageautumn
* Book trailer by roommette
* Commissioned pet portrait by bitsyboo
* One free wordpress blog setup + one year of free hosting; user will supply his/her own domain name and choose from a wide range of themes - from badlittlemonkey and rintrahroars

* Pies by jennifer - pecan and chocolate-pecan
* Knitting lessons by emilytheslayer

Well also have audio/video incentives.

At $2,000, Elayna and her friend E. will perform "What is This Feeling?" from Wicked.
At $3,000, Elayna, E., and A. will perform "Bulbous Bouffant" by the Vestibules
At $4,000... I will rap. Yes. Me. Rap. Do you not want to hear this, if only to laugh your ass off? I specialize in the rap of the early '90s. I know "Ice Ice Baby" by heart. Be warned.

I think I got everyone - offers are coming in in five different posts, plus my e-mail, LJ inbox, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have anything you want to throw in, please leave your comment here for easy tracking. On the mercenary-for-you angle - this is great publicity for your book, album, or business.

Elayna and I brainstormed on the bus yesterday and came up with the following ideas for our week (or two) of reimaginings:
The beloved childhood books set: Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Oz, Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur
The mythology set: Medusa, Hercules, Arachne, the Oracle at Delphi, the choosing of the fairest
And, as a sponsor incentive, an epistolary story for an angel and a demon who were friends before the War.

So. Yes. G'mornin'.
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