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Elayna, Explo, and fundraising

I think I'll do it as a raffle again. Auctions will get even more unmanageable, because they'd need to be a bunch of separate posts; I feel weird about starting a fundraising community, because I tend to reserve those in my head for things to save lives and houses and stuff, and this isn't that. We're managing to put food on the table and rent in our landlord's pocket. We're not managing a whole lot beyond that, though. We really thought we'd get financial aid; we were told last year that had we applied early enough last year, we'd have gotten it. Our situation hasn't changed, but the economy in general has, so they were flooded with applicants. I didn't want to do a fundraiser again, because it's not as huge as someone losing their house! But people are volunteering. So - thank you!

The breakdown is this:
Tuition: $3,715
Transportation: $310
Bank deposit (for trips and incidentals): $600

We've already paid the $600; it was her initial deposit. We also had a big trip listed - NYC (including seeing Wicked) and Yale (to see the Explo Senior program) for $285; that's first on the chopping block, because it's the only thing that's "extra".

So we need $4,025.

We can count on $1,000 from my parents. We're getting $400 for reviewing for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. I've poked my birthmom and aunt, and Adam's calling his mom today, but they're all impacted by the stock market, so we don't know how much they can spare. I have some money in PayPal; I still don't know exactly how much my print run's going to be, so I don't know how much of that is going to the printer and how much to the Explo fund. I hope to have a better idea by Monday. As soon as I know that and how much we're getting from Adam's mom, I'll start a running counter at the top of my LJ re: how much we still need to raise.

Elayna will be composing a post about why Explo is so important to her, and how much it helped her last year: in brief, it's teen geek nirvana. Check it out. Would you not want to go? I want to go!

She got her course assignments for the summer, and they're as follows, just so you know what awesomeness she's working towards:

Session 1
Courses: Beginning Guitar and Songwriting; Molecular Gastronomy
Workshops: Latin Dance; Musical Theater

Session 2
Courses: Improvisational Acting; Found Object Art
Workshops: Hip-Hop Dance; Traditional Japanese Cooking & Culture

And afternoon activities change every day and are always chock full of nifty, with an emphasis on getting kids to try new things. There are weekend trips to Heifer International's Outlook Farm, Blue Man Group, rock climbing, white-water rafting, trapeze school, etc...

We'll tell you more about it later. For now... know that a raffle is coming. $1 for 1 ticket, $10 for 11 tickets, $20 for 25, prizes ranging from custom writing to lunch dates to baked goods to Jayne hats to jewelry to tuckerizations and so much more... and if you have anything you want to add to the raffle, please please do.
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