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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to nevacaruso!

Doing okay.

Went through the big WTD manuscript and sorted out the short fiction from the flash from the poetry. Today I'll be updating my antiquated filing system. Because that's how I roll. Old school. Filing cabinets.

Disposition of my Written, yet Unsold Stories
* The original "Fortune", whose name needs changing: this gorgeous, very limited-edition chapbook. One of these will be auctioned to benefit the Send Elayna to Explo Fund.

* I've been kicking "Flying Lessons" around for a while. It's got problems, and I haven't been able to fix those - but I love the imagery, so I'm unwilling to junk the story entirely. And then I thought "Hey! I'm trying to tell this story in the wrong medium!" So I e-mailed charitypomaybo, and she loves the story and the politics and the imagery, and so it's going to be a comic. :)

* Eventually, "Clever Vasilissa" will likely be a comic as well. I just have to teach myself how to adapt stories to scripts. Ive done straight-up scripts and adapted scripts to stories, but not the other way 'round.

* I think I'm telling "Undertow" from the wrong POV. Switching it to April's POV changes everything, and helps a lot; the problem with writing someone losing his mind is that it's difficult to make it clear to you-the-reader what's going on.

Stories in Progress
* I've been at a dead halt in "My Empire for Ashes" because my mood has been so bleak, and I'm at the point where I'm writing them falling in love; I haven't been able to Get There. Hopefully soon.

* I'm hovering around the world of "Cicatrix". If you watched the S00j/Kythryne/me show, you heard me read the poem of that name. It is currently sitting in a slushpile. *crosses fingers* But there's an entire world connected to it.

* There's a story lurking that connects "The Angel of Fremont Street" and "Fortune". Oh, there are a lot of Vegas stories rattling around in here. This one, though, investigates how Hal got his cards - by visiting the kami of Las Vegas. I'll be writing the ghost of Bugsy Siegel, among other things!

* "Maxfield Parrish Blue" is parked patiently behind a bunch of other stuff. It's an idea story rather than a character story, which is different; I think I'm waiting for Nora to tell me a little more about herself. Because I like the world, but I need to know how she navigates it.

Short Fiction vs. Novels
A lot of my stories end up expanding like whoa; I think one of my biggest problems is that I keep trying to wedge novels into short stories. There's the internal pressure to build up a career writing short fiction, then transition into novels, and there's the frustration that I never have time to write as it is - I don't have time to write novels! But that's what some of the stories insist on being. Special frustration award goes to "My Empire for Ashes", which is just %&^%*& backstory for Shayara and is going to end up being novel-length all on its own, and it'll probably be too insular to sell. So... lots of time sent on a thing I probably can't sell.

And I absolutely hate thinking about things in these terms. I really never thought of writing as a career. I was just telling myself stories. Now I have to think about this in business terms. :P

Link Soup
* I finally tackled my must-review pile! And now I have new manuscripts by and wirewalking to read and review. :) *sends to Kindle*
* Epilepsy != mental illness.
* Another video to make you smile. :)

Daily Science
The crust of neutron stars is 10 billion times stronger than steel, according to new simulations. That makes the surface of these ultra-dense stars tough enough to support long-lived bulges that could produce gravitational waves detectable by experiments on Earth.

I am tying back my hair and diving into office reorganization, ugh. Tonight = roller skating, though!

For some reason, Gmail isn't loading some of its features; this includes Gchat. So. E-mail instead.
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