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WisCon Schedule

Friday, at the Gathering, I'll be manning the Interstitial Arts Foundation's table: Coffee, Tea, and Subversion.

Hrm. This next panel got moved from where it was when I approved it. Does it coincide with the Gathering? I don't remember the Gathering's times from last year...

Friday 4:00-5:15: The Object In the Story, the Story In the Object: Stories are not the only things about story! Many artists contain stories in their work—and many writers have magical objects in their stories. This is a chance for visual artists and writers to meet and see where their crafts cross.

Saturday 1:00-2:29: Kick-Ass Moms: Most female characters, strong or otherwise, don't seem to have children. But from Sarah Connor to Nanny Ogg, characters who balance raising a child and saving the world can be fascinating. Where do you find characters like this? Are they harder to write? Why?

Sunday 1:00-2:29: Reading! with Kater, Catherine Schaff-Stump, and Ellise Heiskell.

Sunday 4:00-5:29: Take Back the Sci-Fi: Sexual assault and rape frequently get used as symbolic plot devices with no consideration about the realities of how these events effect survivors and the people around them and the larger social realities of this epidemic. Sometimes these stories get told well but often they perpetuate social myths and stereotypes that normalize predatory behavior and make survivors complicit. How do authors work to create a culture where stories that perpetuate rape myths are not acceptable? Examples?

Very happy with all three of my panels; I think I'm ideally suited to them. *nod* Also happy that there are only three. (I'm looking at you, Arisia.)

So who's going to WisCon?
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