Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Days since last complex partial seizure: 0.

Happened in the shower. When I do get a seizure aura, it is this: the world goes greyscale. So. In the shower, world flipped to grey, I spun and hit the shower door with both hands - because people die like that, drowning in a teaspoon of water on the shower floor. I think I hit the bathroom floor on my palms and flopped over on my right side. When I came back to myself, I was on my right side - body dry (and cold!), hair a little dry (it takes hours to dry completely).

Max was pacing in an arc between me and the door and mrowling. Good seizure response kitty. Protecting Mama.

Turned off shower. Pulled on a bra and a nightgown, apparently. E-mailed Adam. Gchatted Mark to get details pulled out of me and a basic timeline, try to figure out how much time I lost. Determined that I probably had no head trauma and was therefore safe to pass out, which my body kept trying to do during the conversation.

Slept... 5-6 hours.

Up now. Still have some clenchiness and weakness in my muscles.

Stress + sleep dep is a seizure hazard for me; I slept fine last night, but had a three-night streak of sleep trouble before that. I don't think I did anything else that's seizure-risky.

Anyway. That's that. No *hugs*, please. I will be fine. This just happens.
Tags: epilepsy.seizurerecord

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