Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to amberfox, kires, and wakingdreaming!

Hello to new readers angelmcc, atioroi, and mikemarano!

Recovery is slow but steady. I still fail at nap.

The Last Flight of Space Bat
I know all of my trainsofheaven circus family love Space Bat. So does Spooky, who made a dreamcatcher commemorating her courage and vision. (Check out the rest of the store, too! Skelefairies do karate!)

Link Soup
* Free download of "The Litter and the Leaves" by Enter the Haggis. This song has become another Kirayth theme song in my head; specifically, I can see Victor rocking out to this. :)
* SPOILERS LIKE WHOA here for last night's House.
* Download The Lone Star Stories Reader. Be impressed by its awesomeness. Read Lone Star Stories. Tell your friends.

Daily Science
A new drug-free therapy wipes away fearful memories in rats and humans. The simple treatment might eventually help patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, say researchers.


WTD. I outlined "My Empire for Ashes" a bit more yesterday, mostly focusing on politics; it takes place in a time before the Council was overtly evil, but you can see some hints of what's to come in how they handle a certain event at House Tallart. Want to work on that a little more today.

Will be going to Diesel for the first time in what, two months? Long time. I need a recharge of social energy. Too much isolation - thrashing about in the dark under the shadow of all of this money crap. I may try to get my license converted on my way there, depends how crowded the RMV is. I have an appointment early this afternoon with one of Elayna's teachers; that put me near the 70, which runs by the RMV. So. We'll see.
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