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Happy birthday to gingerdoss!

Hello to new readers rymfireebooks, stardragonca, and usullusa!

...ow. No, serious ow.

The walk was more arduous than I'd thought it would be. Emily thinks the suicide prevention walk was 3K, not 5K. That would explain why this was twice as hard on my body.

So yeah. I started to have difficulty about halfway through, and was seriously dragging by about 2/3 through. Still, I pushed through and I got it done, and went to bed early to get the first good night's sleep I'd had in three days.

If you sponsored me, make sure I have your e-mail address to I can get you the Wind Tunnel Dreams ebook and get your info to popelizbet for the mix CD!

Random number generator says the winner of the $25 custom work gift certificate from Wyrding Studios is... alexandraerin!

Money Panic
I'm having that thing where I'm juggling multiple variables and my brain is freezing up. Ack.

I have not heard back from Explo yet regarding financial aid. They're making their decisions this week. Explo costs, in total, ~$5,000. I can get $1,000 from my parents, and I can probably get some money from Adam's mom and my birthmom, but everyone's reluctant (understandably) to send until they know how much we need. Financial aid could cover both sessions, one session only, or just $500. Or nothing, but we don't think it'll be nothing.

All money needs to be in by May 1.

So yeah. Panic.

Getting the invoice from the printer may assauge the panic a bit; I'm pretty sure I have a few hundred in PayPal for Explo, but I can't know for certain until I get a final invoice. Have sent a touching-base e-mail there.

For the Record
Concerts I want to go to, should anyone want to take me:
May 19: Carbon Leaf, Paradise Rock Club
June 10: Jenny Lewis, House of Blues
July 11: Ani DiFranco, Lowell Summer Music Series
August 7: Dar Williams, Lowell Summer Music Series

Link Soup
* Dear unemployed friends: Starting tomorrow (though in truth it has already started), the largest hiring initiative in the history of the IRS will start.
* Fun with linguistics!
* Master list of free online language lessons.
* Talk to strangers!

Daily Science
Mass extinctions occur repeatedly, though irregularly, throughout Earth’s history, and occasionally these extinctions have been devastating to life on our planet - or have they? Extinction events have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on earth by eliminating old dominating species and making room for new ones. A new study takes this idea a step further, showing that life may have never achieved the complexity necessary for the development of advanced multi-cellular organisms without recurring extinction events.

WTD, walk, violin practice, more writing.
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