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Last push for Walk for Change sponsorship

I wish I'd realized earlier that the site doesn't take PayPal - that kept tithenai from sponsoring til now.

If it's kept you from sponsoring? I have PayPal! So you can PayPal me and I can sponsor myself with my card.

If you want to sponsor directly, which is recommended and preferable:

If you want to sponsor, but can only do so through PayPal, PayPal to shadesong AT Please use the subject line "Walk for Change" so I know it's for that and not Wind Tunnel Dreams! At the end of the day, I'll tally up and sponsor myself with what I've gotten from PayPal sponsors.

I'm at $915. My goal is $1,000. It would be really easy for the thousand-plus of you to get me up there. There are some huge sponsorships up there, for which I am tremendously thankful - don't let them intimidate you! You don't have to do $50! Think $5. Think $10. It all adds up. Every dollar helps.

emilytheslayer is walking with me! Sponsor her, too!

EDIT: Goal achieved! Thank you guys! *huge hugs*

I just saw on Facebook that my colleague Linda is stalled out at 25% of her goal. If you were right about to sponsor me, sponsor her!
That is all.
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