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Welcome home

When Elayna was born, I was living with my parents, just returned from Vegas. I had few friends and no significant others. Just me and the baby, day in, day out, the endless cycle of feeding and diapering and no adult conversation. It got so I was attuned to the sound of the garage door opener. The family dog and I would dash to the door to ambush my parents as they walked in the door. "OH HAI! How are you? I am desperate for conversation and adult interaction! How was your day? Where did you go for lunch? How was traffic?"

Now, fourteen years later (holy crap, how has it been 14 years? I still feel 21!), I'm back to being home all day, this time with just the cats - and I find that I am just as attuned to the front door. "OH HAI Elayna! How was your day? Awesome field trip? What did you have for lunch? I love your socks! I wrote about selkies today! We should go to the museum, check out this exhibit! Want a snack?"

She humors it just as well. :)
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