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Happy birthday to shellefly!

Hello to new readers fire_my_spirit, hsifyppah, jj_dono, life_and_times, rm, and theferret!

Not bad. Lots of fatigue lately. I'm charting that and the pain pretty closely, since I'm coming off a few crazybusy weeks, one involving extensive travel. I need this data so I can figure out what I can potentially do without screwing my body up for a month! Because yes, I've had the ouch and the exhaustion, but honestly? I was expecting to be bedbound for a bit, and that has not been so. I did walk around a lot during my travels and stretch in different ways when I was confined to small spaces - did anyone see me as a L against the wall, legs up, reading in my roomette? :)

If you didn't see it this weekend...
Look! Look!

Link Soup
* Write a princess haiku for jimhines!
* Nathan Fillion in James Gunn's PG Porn.
* fjm has an excellent post on talking to people with chronic conditions.
* I posted a few more behind-the-scenes posts. If you have interest in knowing where the poems and stories come from.

Daily Science
Researchers at National Jewish Health have discovered a promising strategy for destroying the molecular scaffolding that can make Pseudomonas bacterial infections extremely difficult to treat in cystic fibrosis patients, wearers of contact lenses, and burn victims. Jerry Nick, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at National Jewish Health, and his colleagues report in the April 2009 issue of The Journal of Medical Microbiology that a long string of aspartic acid molecules disrupts the molecular bonds that hold together the structure supporting Pseudomonas biofilms.

Hey, it's warm enough to take a walk! I think I'll do that. Otherwise, I've lots to do around the house, and I'll see if I can dive back into writing either "My Empire For Ashes" or "Maxfield Parrish Blue", whichever insists the hardest.
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