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Happy early birthday to gumboeditor, who advances a year this weekend!

Hello to new readers alanka and brithistorian!

Appointments today; ariesd is accompanying me. *breathes* I plan to type up an informal medical history for both conditions/doctors. This will take up my entire day, these appointments; don't expect to hear anything til after 4. (Read: don't panic if the day goes by without news. Some of you do that.)

Shakespeare for Locals
Coriolanus, by the Actors Shakespeare Project, through 4/5. The Winter's Tale, by Theatre @ First, 4/23-5/2. Anyone want to go?

Could you change your life in 37 days?
This is Day One.

My thing to change? I'm making a commitment to treat my body better, to improve my self-care. This involves daily exercise of some sort or another, getting to all of my doctor appointments, and fixing my dual problems with food - not eating well, and stress-eating.

I'm already doing well on some aspects of self-care - I don't sleep-deprive myself (even on the Great Train Trip!), and I never miss taking my meds. But I could do better, and I think that if I keep this commitment to have healthier attitudes about food and exercise, it'll help a lot.

What will you do?

Pic of the Day

The corset is by Mayfaire Moon, and the hat is by ViolentBelle. :) Still looking remarkably well put-together after a nice of dancing with gwynraven! Next time Ill bring bobby pins for the hat, but even so, that wee hat survived my suitcase and a very full night. Good stuff.

Link Soup
* You want shinies. Oh yes. (And you want to mention that you were referred by me!)
* Read Shimmer for free! Features stories by shweta_narayan and Claude Lalumiere, among many others!
* Two-Minute Haggadah.

Daily Science
Solid catalyst simplifies turning algae into biodiesel

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Jeans, plain black shirt, and S00jy patchwork hoodie.
Reading: A truly awful Amazon Breakthrough Novel contestant that is, let me tell you, not breakin' through anywhere.
Writing: Nothing since I got back - no time. Need to fix that. Next week.
Planning: The day of doctors today. BARCC meeting tomorrow morning. Possibly seeing mllelaurel and wired_lizard at some point on Sunday. Otherwise? A mad dash through breakthrough-novel manuscripts. Reviews are due Monday.

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