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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader intelligentrix!

Hangin' in. Trip aggravated my eczema, of all things. So... dealing with that and with general aches and malaise.

Course Selection
So last night was course selection at what will soon be Elayna's high school. The chorus vs. band choice will, I am happy to report, be less painful - because there's an after-school a capella group. So she'll take band (as her one ?!? elective), and still get to sing.

My big difficulty last night was in reminding myself that Elayna is not, in fact, mini-me. This is not my second chance at high school (I never really got to go - I got a chunk of ninth grade, no tenth or eleventh, and I served my senior year in a tiny town in Utah). It's her first.

I was school-obsessive, as a kid. Every notebook meticulously organized. A 98% on a test was not good enough, and there'd be a goodly bit of self-flagellation there. This was not healthy, and absolutely belied the same control issues that ushered in the eating disorder. So it's good that she's not like 14-year-old me.

But her being unlike 14-year-old me presents the challenge: how do I best help her find her way, schoolwise? My organizational methods just flat-out do not work. And she's got to get her shit together on that front. The teachers all emphasized last night that the kids need to be organized, they need to not miss any homework - because to do so could put them behind for the whole term. My daughter is brilliant. But these are not her strong points, and she's going to have to buff 'em up tout suite. daughter is not taking honors physics.

I will say to you, dear LJ, what I won't say to her - this kinda breaks my heart a bit. I had always envisioned her sailing through high school with a grin and a quip and grades that reflect her understanding of the subject. And that's not going to be her. Because she is not me. She heard the description of the very hard work involved in honors physics, and she recalled that one of her straight-As-throughout-middle-school friends is getting a C in it, and she took me aside and said, very firmly and sympathetically, "Mommy, I do not think I can do this."

And I had to look at that and agree that, at her current state of homework/organization? No. She can't.

No honors physics for my kidlet.

She'll take honors English, History, Geometry, and Italian III. Those, she feels she can handle, and I agree. Schedule is rounded out by band and the stupid health/wellness course. Her alternate for band will be chorus, but I'm confident she'll get band; the bandleader also leads the strings and combined orchestra at her middle school, so he knows her.

Hold My Hand?
So tomorrow, I have appointments with the new neurologist and the new rheumatologist. First appointments with new specialists are very psychologically grueling for me. It's basically a half hour to an hour of sitting there and quietly justifying your treatment plan to someone who will probably disagree with you and have the power to change your meds with a stroke of their pen.

New readers, I went through years of sheer screaming terrifying hell on anti-seizure meds that gave me side effects that functionally crippled me. Right now, I'm just on Lyrica, which is not approved for monotherapy. It is very likely that tomorrow will see my body experimented with again.

Very likely.

So tomorrow's scary.

I know y'all have day jobs and can't be my advocates during the appointments themselves, but if anyone wants to hang out with me tomorrow night? It would be a mitzvah. Take me out for a drink. I may well need one.

More Joseph Campbell Quotes
"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths."

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Sponsor me! And spread the word!

Will have to figure out how to entice you. A prize drawing? What would you like? If I get to $500, a voicepost of me reading a story? If I get to $1,000, a drawing for a gift pack? Ideas, people! I want your sponsorship!

Link Soup
* NPR presents a sneak peek at the new Leonard Cohen live album!
* First Ravens in the Library sighting!
* Where the Wild Things Are!

Daily Science
The trio of biomedicine, technology, and wireless communication are in the midst of a merger that will easily bring continuous, 24×7 monitoring of several crucial bodily functions in the years ahead. Unfortunately, as is often the case with medical products, the needed innovations are either already developed or will be soon, but some of the best commercial products won’t make it to the market until years of testing have proven their safety.

In the future your doctor might call you before you have a heart attack, responding to an alarm sent out by monitoring systems in your body that have detected the precursors to a heart attack hours or days ahead of time. With body 2.0, medicine dosages could be tailored precisely to your body chemistry and metabolism. Real-time monitoring of chemical concentrations in your blood could allow for increasing or decreasing dosages accordingly.

Reading and reviewing. Better get started!
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