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Tew's Day!

Hello to new readers dragonsflame71, greektoomey, qotcpcf, shadowriderhope, shweta_narayan, sidhefire, thegreenyear, and zarak_khan!

See, the thing with me is that I can manage to power through anything as long as I just keep moving. I stop, and it hits me like a ton of bricks.

I've been moving the entire month of March, pushing through my birthday and hosting chosen family and family family and the concerts and Elayna's birthday, and driving to Cleveland, bus to Chicago, wandering Chicago, train to New Orleans, many adventures, train back...

And yesterday I had an entire day of sitting around the airport waiting, and it all hit. Thankfully, I had brought spare Robaxin, but even with that... I was hobbling. Everything hurt. Yesterday was really hard.

A good night's sleep in my nice warm bed helped a lot, and I am going to be very gentle with myself this week. I have a gift certificate for a massage.. just have to figure out when I have time to use it. Tomorrow and Thursday are possibilities. (Friday is a day full of doctor appointments, new rheumatologist and neurologist.)

Twitter on LJ
If you feed your Twitter to your LJ, you should read this.

My problem with Twitter on LJ = It's like overhearing a cell phone conversation at the grocery store, in that it's all one-sided conversation. And my friendslit is crowded enough without constantly having to scroll past your one-sided conversations and non sequitors about some street sign you saw, fed to me two hours too late to engage you in actual conversation. I do not see the purpose of Twitter feeds on LJ, and every time I see one, I huff an annoyed little sigh as I scroll and think "You know, I really need to defriend people who do this." But I never get around to posting a PSA on that.

So here's your PSA. If you post Twitter feeds to your LJ without a cut tag, and said feed makes up 75% or more of your "content", I must defriend you for my own sanity, because you are hardcore interfering with my ability to read real content and have actual conversations. *nod*

Writing Updates
* Ravens in the Library is out! Order your copy today! I read my story from it on the train and made poor greektoomey and alexandraerin cry. So I think it's not bad. You should read it and tell me what you think.

* I am about 5,000 words into the Telenias story, now titled "My Empire for Ashes", and it is a heartbreaker.

* Storyseed on the plane that blossomed into a novelseed in the shower and dammit, I have no time for this.

This is a Scary Thing
Along the lines of doing the things I've always wanted to do... I am taking violin lessons. I start next week. This is scary because I hate being bad at things, and with a string instrument? Everyone starts out bad. I need to give myself permission to be bad at it... like Anne Lamott's encouragement re: writing shitty first drafts.

Signal Boosting
* s00j needs to book some concerts in May! If you live in Eastern Washington, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, please consider hosting a house concert, asking your friends to host a house concert, or helping find any sort of venue!

* Locals: I have a pregnant friend in need of size 14 maternity pants that are roomy enough in the leg. If you can help, please comment here and I'll get them to her!

* Sale at Electric Velocipede! Klima sez: "I added a new special for the first 50 customers in our Sales section in honor of the magazine's Hugo Nomination. For the price of the three chapbooks that we published, you also get a copy of Electric Velocipede 15/16, and a chapbook, "Life's Simple Pleasures," of some material that I published on Diet Soap that is only available through this offer." 15/16 is the one I'm in, my first published work. Collector's item!

Link Soup
* "Get Excited and Make Stuff" shirt! I need one...
* Give me your links! I've been offline, remember?

Daily Science
In the conservation world, there’s a concept known as a "Lazarus" species: Those thought to be extinct, but later rediscovered. Take Aspalathus recurvispina, for example. This little plant with yellow flowers disappeared from South Africa years ago, and for the last decade has been considered probably extinct. But a few months ago, eagle-eyed members of a plant protection group spotted a single plant in an area about to be paved for a new road.
Thinking the plant was actually another endangered species, Aspalathus cliffortiifolia, the workers had a sample tested, which revealed its true identity. Once that happened, conservation agencies stopped the road work last month long enough to find a few other samples nearby. They located it just in time: The road was being built in anticipation of 2010's World Cup soccer tournament.

Daily BPAL

The Deserted Village: A scent of opulence, luxury, depredation, and dissolusion: velvety orris root and glittering bergamot, ambergris, red currant, honey, and neroli, with red oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum, and black musk.
In bottle: The bergamot and ambergris temper it well; oakmoss beneath, but I'm still waiting for the rest...
On me: Oh hey! There's the oakmoss, currant, and honey. Herbal/resin delicious.

Eanach Dhuin: Unutterable grief expressed through the scent of balsam, frankincense, blackberry leaf, oud, white rose, driftwood, zdravetz, and bitter clove, beneath the cold waters of the River Corrib.
In bottle: Baby! Zdravetz says hi. Balsam and blackberry, too.
On me: More blackberry leaf than blackberry, ends of leaves curling into tiny spikes to catch the fingers. Balsam. Soft.

Unpacking. Cleaning. Reading an Amazon Breakthrough Novel (I'm a judge). Writing, I hope. Dinner with lunalovegoddess and family!
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