Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Tonight = awesome.

Setlist, with S00j in regular text and me in italics:

Pixie Can't Sleep
She Sings the Silver
The Library, After
Ravens in the Library
epilogue to Fortune
Lady Vagabond
Girl in the Garden
Heart Beat
Alligator in the House


The Lover's Aria
City of Marrow
Snake Star Song
Follow Me Down
Come to the Labyrinth
When You Burn
Firebird's Child

I'd only been planning on "Silver", "Library", and "Burn"; before "Carousel", S00j asked if I had anything for that, and I dug up the epilogue to Fortune - the long and happy life of the sideshow Serpentina. And then added in "Cicatrix" (which, no, you haven't seen yet) to balance out the second set. And Kyth danced as she wove wire, and made *gorgeous* things!

Spooky is here, and sealgair came, and zarhooie sang along with us from South Dakota!

And... Wyrding Studios is my second home. I love it here. And I got to share it with even more friends, and sing and drum and boogie down a bit. :)

I'm too tired to describe things properly! But - magic. Just magic. So wonderful.

This is the first of many interstitial collaborative jam sessions. Oh yes.
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