Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy belated birthday to saraphina_marie (have you pre-ordered her book yet?)!

Hello to new readers mssrcrankypants and popelizbet!

I took one of my hoarded Celebrex yesterday, so I was just fine for the concert. I wish feste_sylvain was a dancer! Today... fairly okay. Had a tense morning, which reflects in my shoulders and upper back. Plus...

I am knitting.
...which has popped up after... ten rows, I think? in wrist/hand twinginess. I need to treat it like physical therapy/weight training - keep track of how much I'm doing and go up steadily.

I have an embryonic scarf. I had a scarf zygote, but I think there's been enough cell division. It will be a bluegreenpurple heathery squooshy wool scarf when it grows up. Eventually, when I know what I'm doing, it will be trimmed in my birthday yarn. Mangrove mermaid scarf.

Day So Far
Has been spent, in large part, dealing with interpersonal argh and learning to knit. Both of those things have come to a rest for the nonce, and I have some breathing room before my parents invade.

Addressing One Thing
...that may be the perception of one person or more than one, I don't know, but something I've heard recently is the perception that I'm supported by my partners.

Which is giggleworthy if you know my partners, but I realize that some of you *don't*. So. Meet my partners!

* Adam is my husband. And yes, he supports me. My various types of gimpiness keep me from working a traditional day job. My writing is bringing in some money, but not a whole lot; Adam's the primary breadwinner by a lot. I do work as hard as I can, but he'll always be bringing in more money than me. So it is fair to say that he supports me, sure.
* feste_sylvain is my boyfriend. He has a wife and two kids and a mortgage. So, well, he only pays for dinner half the time. :) He's certainly not doing anything that could be construed as supporting me. And we're fine with that. He has a family to support, y'know?
* elionwyr is my girlfriend, and she is, how you say, underemployed. I'm not getting girlfriend-welfare checks from her. :)

So that's how that goes.

I'd encourage any and all of you to ask questions if there's anything that's getting your goat or getting up your nose about me. Because 90% of the time, whatever it is that's making you all grr is a misperception, and it's great if we can fix that early on. I've yet to encounter the question I won't answer. Hell, I'm a rape crisis counselor who gives survivor speeches to high schools with a Q & A period of half an hour to an hour. There's nothing you can ask me that will shock me at this point.

So hey, let's open this up in comments. Got a question for me? Ask away!

Link Soup
* Worst sex scene evar.
* Another excellent post from asim!
* More flash fiction from upstart_crow!

Daily Science
Do weather changes trigger headaches? Um, yeah. *wince*
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