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Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to grimmwire!

Hello to new reader m_stiefvater!

This is week two of no Celebrex... since the snowpocalypse interfered with my first appointment with the new rheumatologist, I can't get in to see him til the 30th. My mom's trying to track some down for me to bring on Thursday, but in the meantime, I'm hoarding my last three for tomorrow (dancing at the Enter the Haggis show) and this very busy weekend.

* "Maxfield Parrish Blue": always had a setting and a charcter. Needed a plot. Wrote the first few paragraphs, and the plot jumped in - "OH HAI!". So good. Now I just need *time*.
* "Flying Lessons": themaskmaker's advice? "This wants to be a novel." My response? *headdesk* I have too many things that want to be novels! I don't have time! *sigh* Travel ought to help this story, though; it's a travelin' tale. And I *have* to fix it. Because s00j wrote a song for it, called "Stories Everywhere". And it's gorgeous.

So the s00j show at kythryne's is a collaborative thing - SJ sings, Kyth weaves wire. They asked if I'd be willing to read my flashfic "She Sings the Silver", which I wrote during Blogathon about a piece Kyth had donated, to kick off the show. Of course I said "Of course!" But then, peeking at the setlist, other bits of story suggested themselves, and Kyth said "Oooh! I have a jewelry idea for that!" and now it is three of us collaborating all together. Fun! Mostly them - I'm shy about taking over! But I will be there, and cool stuff will be happening, and I am excited for it.

It will be videotaped. And webcast live. Further details when I have 'em. But you really should come out if you can and see this live.

Ride the City of New Orleans With Us!
If you were wibbling over the train trip, please unwibble thyself! thewronghands thought she could go, but alas, cannot, and she has a ticket to unload. If you were thinking you'd like to go? You'd be doing someone a great service by taking this ticket off her hands.

Unrelated to Anything
We watched Castle last night and really liked it.

Link Soup
* Y'know that remake of V? Morena Baccarin is the new Diana.
* "Where Google is a system for FINDING things that we as a civilization collectively publish, Wolfram Alpha is for COMPUTING answers to questions about what we as a civilization collectively know.
* Social media is here to stay - now what?
* "If I Should Fall from Grace with God". From the front row.
* Another excellent post on Racefail from tablesaw.
* Ten Plagues finger puppets. I need these, you guys. Best seder evar.

Daily Science
I am cheating and just linking you to the Museum of Science website. Because I am excited about going there today with s00j and maybe lightcastle. Yay mythic creatures! Yay frogs! Yay the mseum not being insanely crowded because it's not school vacation week!

See above. Also, no Diesel tonight, because tonight is Operation: Big Concert Bandarama, Elayna's big school band event, uniting bands from every school in Watertown. Go Elayna!
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