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Hello to new readers hooks_and_books and moiracoon!

*wince* Pressure drop, baby. Snow after two days of spring. My body is displeased. It is registering complaints.

Was a great deal of fun! I am tired from being up til 3 AM hitting people with rubber chickens and hearing s00j sing about salad, but I regret nothing. :)

Writerly Stuffs
Spent the morning agonizing over What To Write Next, as I have about a dozen stories all germinating and trying to push up out of me at once. "Expand 'Flying Lessons'!" s00j said on her way out the door. So while she was gone? I got 500 words into "Maxfield Parrish Blue", and in one swell foop solved the problem I was having that'd been blocking it in my head.

My writerbrain is contrary.

"Flying Lessons" will get worked on this week, too, but my other priority is...

Elayna's Birthday Gift
She is getting One of arianhwyvar's gorgeous key pendants, and a story to go with it. I'll hide the story around the house, page by page, and have her scavenger-hunt for it.

Was, I think, extremely well-done for what it was. You could not have done it Right without making it a maxiseries on HBO or something. But they did it as well as they could, and I was satisfied. (Except with Malin Akerman, aka Watchmen Barbie.)

Link Soup
* Speaking of "Maxfield Parrish Blue", my protagonist there lives in a treehouse. Not like these, which are "ooooh"-inducing nonetheless.
* Robots. With stuff.
* Call to artists: "Sins Invalid is seeking submissions from performers, writers, visual artists and other cultural workers on topics of disability and sexuality for relationship-building and future collaboration." Deadline is 4/25. Photographers, I am interested in working with you on this; I have an idea that's been bouncing around my brain for some time.

Daily Science
A team of scientists, led by the University of Exeter, has used game theory to explain the bizarre behaviour of a group of ravens. Juvenile birds from a roost in North Wales have been observed adopting the unusual strategy of foraging for food in 'gangs'. New research explains how this curious behaviour can be predicted by adapting models more commonly used by economists to analyse financial trends.

Daily BPAL

DIA: Divine, shining. White amber, coconut, white musk, oakmoss, and tobacco flower.
In bottle: Light, soft amber.
On me: Light, pretty, a little... starchy?

GLUKUPRIKOS: Limb-loosener. Ambergris, pale musk, peru balsam, golden amber, cedar, lavender, spikenard, narcissus, vanilla caramel, white sandalwood, and woodmoss.
In bottle: Sweet and golden; the balsam prevails.
On me: Lighter than I'd thought it would be... lavender and sandalwood winning out.

MAKHANITIS: Deviser, contriver. Black plum, burgundy wine, sandalwood, and champaca.
In bottle: Ohhhhh. Plum. And wine. And OMFG. Hindbrain says "UH."
On me: Luscious deep-purple sex. This is the scent of the glass of wine you're holding when your eyes connect with your lover's and you know tonight will be a fantastic roll in the hay.

MELAINIS: The dark, of night. Teak, frankincense, caramel, oakmoss, red currant, labdanum absolute, bitter clove, patchouli, star anise, tobacco, and black musk.
In bottle: Dark resins and oakmoss and musk and HI.
On me: Fuck yeah. Bottle wishlist for sure. This is yummy dark foresty sex. It make S00j gnaw on my arm. I am in favor of this.

Unknown! slipjig is chilling at my kitchen table, s00j is tuning my violin, rafaela is curled up on my couch, and life is good. We'll play it by ear.
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