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Scattershot mid-day miscellany

* I am only *very* intermittently on chat, as I am dashing about like a madwoman.

* If you are taking the afternoon off? I can totally put you to work over here.

* Oh hey, I'm on Ravelry. As Shadesong. So if you are of the cult of fiber arts, you can friend me there. emilytheslayer's teaching me to knit next week.

* My Roomba is problematic.

* Okay, this one is a bit longer.

So I get e-mail about concerts in the Boston area. And I get an e-mail today about -


Def Leppard, Poison, & Cheap Trick.

Shut up. I have a wholly non-ironic love for cheesy '80s hair metal. You should see me dance to "Unskinny Bop". I will blow you *away*. And "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is my favorite stripper song.



So there's this concert, and I am in squee, and I look at the prices, and -

Okay, this is great.

...I do not think these bands have *that* many obsessive fans (like me, ZOMG, wanna go!) these days. And I don't think they're going to sell many of the VIP tickets. Sorry. But I have to show you what they're offering.

"Poison "Nothin? but a Good Time" Package includes:
- One reserved seated ticket located in the first 10 rows of the stage
- Exclusive Velvet Rope Side Stage Seating during Poison?s performance
- Preshow Poison Backstage tour
- Official Poison VIP Laminate
- Autographed 8X10 photo of the band
- Exclusive Poison Shirt
- Exclusive Poison Bandana
- Collectible Poison Coloring Book & Markers
- Set of official Poison Guitar Picks & Drum Sticks
- $25 voucher to the official Poison on-line store
- Early access to the Poison merchandise booth"

How much?



Now, I would love this package. Because my love for Poison is so true. Ride the Wind, baby. Ride the Wind. But. I'd pay $50. And that's the high end of what I'll pay for just about any concert.

So it's easy to say no to that. And there are $20 lawn seats, if I do go.

But. guys, I want a collectible Poison coloring book. My brain has fastened upon this piece of useless ephemera. I need this. This is going on The List. With the pony and the monkey. I will want this forever. Passionately.

Poison coloring book, you guys. This exists.

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