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Happy birthday to niftybabe313!

Happy early birthday to just_the_ash, stealthcello, and wolflady26, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers jenk and katogden!

Still hangin' in, which is good, because - weekend of activity!

Friending Frenzy
Is in full swing over here. Tell me all about you!

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* NanoArt
* What happens when robots kill for us? (I expect comment from feste_sylvain on this one!)
* Tunguska-sized space rock buzzes Earth .

Daily BPAL

LOVERS IN A RICEFIELD: Plum blossom, vanilla sandalwood, nutmeg, and wild rice.
In bottle: Ooooh light plum sweetness.
On me: Still. The vanilla's sweetening that lovely plum.

VOYEURS AMONG THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Soft moss, vanilla musk, and cherry blossom.
In bottle: Something slightly off-putting. Too floral?
On me: Yeah, it's not bad, it's just not for me. I get a little musk, but mostly flowers.

In bottle: *whimper* *weak in knees*
On me: Oh god I'm delicious. Bottle wishlist!

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Tigger pajamas
Reading: City Without End by Kay Kenyon and River of Gods by Ian McDonald.
Writing: I'm futzing about in two worlds - Shayara and the world of "Cicatrix".
Planning: Today? Cleaning! Preparing house for influx of people; we're getting four or five this afternoon, yay. :) Tonight, seeing Watchmen - working out the logistics on that 7:30 at Woburn.
Tomorrow, birthday party! Starts at 2. RSVP, or you shall have no pie. Tomorrow night, SJ-and-Cat show at Pandemonium!
Sunday, more party, but lower-key, I'm sure. :)

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