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Blogathon sponsor gift

Just sent the following to Blogathon sponsors. If you sponsored me and didn't get it, let me know.

If you're getting this e-mail, you sponsored me in Blogathon 2008 and helped me raise over $3,000 for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center; you are all wonderful!

I'd promised an exclusive short story to Blogathon sponsors, as a pledge incentive. I'd originally planned for this to be a Shayara story - specifically, the story of the Telenias and his first love, and how the fracturing of that one deceptively-simple relationship set the stage for so much of what happens in Shayara.

...unfortunately, that seems to want to be a novel. Try as I might, I cannot manage to squish it into a short story and preserve anything of the tone of it... as I said on chat today, I feel like I'm having to focus on the percussion of this story and drop the bassline. And it really needs the bassline.

I hope that you'll accept my apologies for the ridiculous lateness of this, and also that you'll accept a substitute story - "Undertow" is a sideways look at a bad sort of faerie, the Irish leanan sidhe. Many of you already have Wind Tunnel Dreams, the collection of my yearlong linked short fiction project, or I'd include that as well - if you'd like that as well, just let me know, and I'll send it on.

Blogathon 2009 is July 25; I hope you'll sponsor me again, and the sponsor gift for '09 will be written *before* the 'thon, so this won't happen again!

If you're interested in continuing to support the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, you can sponsor me in the Walk for Change:

Thank you for your patience and your sponsorship; I hope you like "Undertow", and if you do, links to my other fiction and poetry can be found on!


(And it looks like I made three huge typos in it, thanks to Elayna poke poke poking at me as I was trying to get it written and sent. Argh. But that's done, and hopefully no one will be pissed, and I can focus on the writing that's wanting to get done. And "Undertow" is an exclusive.)
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