Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Did I mention that I'm phone-phobic?

Three errands today requiring phones. Multiple calls to multiple nubers over the course of the last thre hours. Results so far:

1. The driver's license issue. Called Georgia DMV... spoke to three people, got referred somewhere else, left voicemail, got called back, got passed around again, and finally got someone who took down my address and told me they'd send me the letter I needed.

2. Neurologist. Called and spoke to the secretary, then the office manager, who told me that the doctor will not change his mind. She says that they don't need to send a certified letter or any of the rest of it. I pointed out that my anti-seizure meds run out on the 15th, which dos not allow adequate time to find a new neurologist, and that going cold-turkey on anti-seizure meds generally results in death. She says she'll see if the doctor will authorize one last refill. She will not state that she'll even tell the doctor I called; I did reiterate several times that I did not understand why I was being dropped due to what's essentially a result of a side effect of the medication he has me on for the condition he's treating me for, and shouldn't there be an understanding of the issues here? Anyway. Called my primary care doctor and left a message saying "we need to talk about this neuro thing"; when he calls back, I'll see if he's willing to just take over authorizing refills on my current meds and, if not, if he can get me an emergency appointment with another neuro.

3. Rheumatologist. Busy signal alternating with "our office is closed at this time". All. Day. Left message with the answering service. This is the one I was supposed to see Monday, but the office was closed due to snowpocalypse. This one's a matter of some urgency because my primary care doctor won't prescribe Celebrex. I'm hoping this guy will. If not, I'm kinda fucked.

So. Batting 1-3 so far.

...taking care of me is hard. And time-consuming, and stressful. I would love to know whose puppy I kicked last lifetime, y'know?


(EDIT: But I did write a poem today that I rather like. So. And this medical/bureaucratic crap? This is why I don't get more writing done.)

(ALSO EDIT: If I don't get a call back today from the neuro, I will call them back first thing tomorrow with the magical word "malpractice". I have poked about online and found two law firms that I can definitely get to on the T.)

EDIT #3, regarding item #2: Got a call back from my primary care doc.
Him: "So you were missing appointments? Was that you not calling, or you forgetting you had an appointment?"
Me: "Sometimes forgetting - they don't do reminder calls, and I have memory issues..."
Him: "Which is part of what he's seeing you for, right?"
So. *breathes* He's popping prescriptions in the mail to me for the Lyrica and Lunesta. And he's referred me to a neurologist at Mount Auburn Hospital, which is easily T-accessible for those days when I cannot drive.
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