Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

My March

I'm getting a lot of time requests and notices of people visiting and babysitting requests for Elayna, so! March schedule.

March 6: Elayna's babysitting for badlittlemonkey and rintrahroars, with whom we are going to see Watchmen. This is also when s00j + omnisti and slipjig + rafaela hit town.

March 7-8: My birthday party! Bring anything you think makes an awesome party! I will supply the rubber chicken. There will be a party intermission to go see the SJ-and-Cat show at Pandemonium, then back to my house for a slumber party.

March 9-16: SJ in town; K intermittently in town.

March 10: Elayna's spring concert. (Yes, I know my favorite band is in Boston that night only. I have much argh. But Elayna comes first, you see.)

March 11: Enter the Haggis concert at Johnny D's.

March 12-16: Parents in town.

March 13: s00j concert at caulay and ahf's in Salem, MA!

March 14: s00j concert at kythryne and Amy's in Concord, NH!

March 15: Elayna's birthday! Also Elayna's birthday party, and Elayna's birthday s00j concert!

March 16-March 23: The Great Train Adventure.

So, you see, making plans with me in March? ...not so much.

But there you go. Up here so people don't hope to see me at Diesel on St. Patrick's Day or hope Elayna can babysit on March 10 or anything.
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