Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to jslove, servermonkey, solcita, and water_childe!

Hello to new reader itsallmishegoss!

...cautiously optimistic.

'SongDay Winner!
Is me!

No, seriously, let me trundle on over to the random number generator... and the number generate is 6. The sixth entrant is...

Oh hai, Spooky! :)

So Spooky wins something I made. I will let her ponder what sort of thing she'd like. :)

Thank you!
You guys made some gorgeous things yesterday, from paintings to yarn to jewelry to writing to baking to just generating goodness and happiness out into the world. So yeah, that was some upfuckedness with the DMV yesterday, but you guys gave me a very good birthday indeed. :)

Make things every day!

Walk for Change!
Thank, befers, arianhwyvar, and lordlnyc! I'm up to $175...

Sponsor me!

I'm a little "ack" in that the Walk for Change is overlapping with Explo fundraising. I don't want to *not* do the walk in order to focus on Elayna's camp tuition, but I realize that you guys have limited money. So I need to look at what I can do in terms of offering something to sponsors. Ideas are welcome. Perhaps another Gojirawitz Girls Challenge...

Daily Science
Rewiring the Brain: Inside the New Science of Neuroengineering.

s00j and K are here through lunchtime. There may be the watching of Rent (Broadway DVD, not movie), or perhaps Fraggle Rock. Elayna and I have hair appointments at 6pm, so if I get to Diesel, it'll be after 7.
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