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Happy "song Day!
I am 35! I am divisible by 7! I am going to bake cookies!

Happy birthday also to ambelies, ladysea, and shugenja!

Hello to new reader midnightbunny!

Hangin' in. Steady improvement. Did the walk to the bus yesterday with no problems. But! Barometric pressure craziness brings the achy.

Birthday Plans
Snow day means I probably cannot do appointments/errands; I plan to call when it hits regular business hours and see if my rheumatologist and the RMV are even going to be open for business.

Snow day also means I have Adam and Elayna home with me, though! So we can bake cookies, watch movies, and maybe break out Rock Band. And I'll have dinner with my guys tonight. (I am available pretty much throughout the week for any birthday antics people care to dream up.)

The final Nebula ballot is out!
Congrats to norilana, time_shark, and a bunch of other wonderful people who aren't on my friendslist here (but are on my Facebook and shall be congratulated there). Good luck!

Hey, Bostonians!
Boston Skillshare in April. I'm sure some of you could run some awesome workshops!

Link Soup
* presents kenscholes's "Last Flight of the Goddess", which you should go read. (Reminds me of me and Adam.)
* Read tithenai's Honey Month, too. Some gorgeous stuff there.
* Hey, it's Dr. Seuss's birthday, too! Have some Seuss trivia.
* "Hugh Herr was a teenage mountain-climbing phenom when a blizzard took his legs. Now the MIT professor has used science to get them back, building artificial limbs so advanced, they force us to rethink what "able-bodied" means.
* Phantasmagorical Art of New Orleans.
* What Mick Foley thought of The Wrestler.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Engineers use 'nano-origami' to build tiny electronic devices.
* Prions Involved in Some Alzheimer's: A study in the journal Nature finds that prions can team up with amyloid beta, the protein that forms the big plaques in Alzheimer's, to make the condition much worse.

See above. :)

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