Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

* Apparently, nothing terrifies me quite like talking to classes about writing. Probably because I don't do Process and Technique so much as I just cut myself and bleed stories, so I don't know how to answer questions sometimes. BARCC speeches are less scary!

* It is officially my birthday in Australia! Holla, Aussies! Also in the Philippines, and Newfoundland! And Korea!

* I am like argh over tomorrow's snow day, because my license expires tomorrow, and if the RMV is closed? Argh. And yes, I should've taken care of this sooner; I didn't realize it was expiring til last month, and I got slapped upside the head by that cold/flu bug and so the license thing fell right out.

* I am amused that 80% of my friendslist posts and Facebook feed are "OMG snow" - "Yay, snow!" from the Southerners and "Ugh, more snow!" from the Northerners.

* Report from the beginning of the snowpocalypse: I am the only person to have walked down my street since 4pm. I followed my own footprints back at 9. Adam just peeked out the window and says that he can still see my footsteps, and only mine; they'll be gone soon, though, as the snow has begun in earnest.

* I opted against applying to Clarion. :( Because my body can't handle it. I think I could do a one-week workshop and manage to power through, but I think six weeks of intense activity and pressure, and no downtime, would about kill me. Hopefully my health will improve... maybe next year. But I've spent half my year so far down with one cold/flu thing that should've taken me a week or two to deal with, not a month, and I remember recent flares, and... I'm not there yet, physically.

* Plans tomorrow now = dinner with Adam & Mark at Savino's. *nod*

* I am verra tired, and shall now go to bed.
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