Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Assimilated! and PSA

I have on my coffee table two skeins of very pretty yarn and a set of bamboo circular needles.

*eyes knitters warily, awaiting the "one of us" chant*

emilytheslayer helped Elayna and I pick out what we needed; she didn't have time today to teach me, but kythryne's coming to visit sometime this week to teach me and to hang out.

So yes. Yarn. It will be wristwarmers, we think, when it has completed its metamorphosis. Or the funky headband thing.

And PSA! I am usually not at my computer. I'm logged into Gchat as constantly away, just so I can have the link to Ravens in the Library displayed and subtly remind people on Gchat to order it. So. If I am listed as away? I probably am. So please do not be offended at my lack of response.

And - I was naughty in a way that antonstrout will appreciate. After the yarn store, we went to Porter Square Books. And Elayna and I each got one book. Very well-behaved so far. No big indulgences.

So I get home and take my book out of the bag and set it atop my to-read pile, and Adam looks at it and says "...when did you get Deader Still?"

"Just now."

"So the copy that's coming from Amazon..."


"You know you're not allowed to buy books close to your birthday!"

"Butbutbut one book! One book! How was I to know?"

"Because this always happens?"

"...I love you."

So um yeah. I can has bonus Strout. :)
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