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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to chebutykin and dragonheart97!

Hello to new reader paradoox!

Okay, here's the sitch. Two sets of symptoms (beyond the usual).

1. General lingering weakness + labored breathing/can't speak without running out of breath. The latter at night, not as much during the day, though I still do run out of breath performing ordinary tasks.
2. Very stuffy nose + scratchy raw throat + epiglottal snot goblins.

Set One is the set that's lingered from the post-Arisia bug - brief remission during Boskone, but apparently Boskone was too much stress, and I relapsed.

Set Two is new since Sunday.

Mark thinks Set Two could be a delayed onset of a progression from the post-Arisia bug. But it could also be something new that jumped on my already-depressed immune system.

If it's delayed onset, I am unlikely to be contagious. If it's new, I am very likely to be contagious.

If I'm contagious, I cannot risk exposing my germy self to medically-fragile S00j and Kyth.

I will not be going to the NYC Palimpsest Launch Party after all. :( Because if I am contagious? Kyth is like me; a cold knocks her on her ass. And this bug steals my breath, and s00j needs to sing.

I am consoling myself by reminding myself of the train trip. Which includes festivities in Chicago and New Orleans.

And also that s00j and K will be here next week. I *miss* them! But. One week. *sigh*

I'd already purchased my ticket, so if any of you New Yorkers wanted to go but couldn't spring for a ticket? I donate mine to you. Comment here to claim.

I would like a monkey.

ThinkGeek is giving away free monkeys.

ThinkGeek says: "Just have at least $25 worth of goodies in your shopping cart (not including our
barrel of monkeys), go to checkout, and enter the code BANANAS into the promo box. Our system will automagically add a barrel of monkeys to your order on our dime."

I remind you that I have a ThinkGeek wishlist and a birthday coming up.

Monkey offer expires Friday.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
We have enough money to order the print run, yay! Now ultra_lilac and I are talking cover art. Soon as we have a cover, we go to press. I'll keep you updated.

Yes, you can still order. Please do!

Feeding Miss Elayna
Last night's experiment was a pasta with pumpkin sauce. She likes pasta. She likes pumpkin.

But she hated pasta with pumpkin sauce.


The good thing was that - in large part due to a good calming-down conversation with her internet sister zarhooie - she was able to sit and think about what about it she disliked (the sweetness; she does not like sweet for dinner, and was able to think of another example), and communicate that to us so we can better plan our meals. And it turns out that she actually liked the turkey meatloaf she utterly rejected last night - it's just that she was in a Mood yesterday. So she ate meatloaf and steamed veggies. Because no watching Heroes without veggies.

So she is now making an effort. Go Team Us.

Link Soup
* I have always said this.
* Obama's speech. Yay.
* Listen to Neko Case's new album on NPR.

Daily Science
Researchers Generate Functional Neurons From Engineered Stem Cells.

Ugh. Hm. I am potentially well enough for a few errands, if my car door isn't frozen shut. If not, in-house chores, with reading/relaxation time between.
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