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Happy birthday to aaronace and nihilistic_kid!

Happy early birthday to badgerthorazine and to the magnificent s00j, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader yaguari!

Breathing a little better than I was last night. Pain levels are okay.

Feeling Much Less Crazy that I've laid out all of the reasons that Wicked Faire is a terrible idea. The only reason I was going in the first place was Spooky; the only reason I didn't make this decision weeks ago was Spooky. This is how much I would put up with in order to spend time with her, you know? But my body says no.

Link Soup
* Here's one for the knitters.
* Use older cookbooks for fewer calories.
* Videos of S00j, Ginger, and Bekah!

Daily Science
A new imaging technique developed by researchers at the University of Illinois overcomes the limit of diffraction and can reveal the atomic structure of a single nanocrystal with a resolution of less than one angstrom (less than one hundred-millionth of a centimeter).

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Flamingo & trailer park pajamas.
Reading: The Ghost in Love, by Jonathan Carroll.
Writing: Still cockblocked by the Telenias story; I need time to write. School vacation week is difficult. Also have ideas bubbling up for Lost Girls (not the comic) and "Conversion". So we'll see.
Planning: I have created a blank canvas of a weekend. Muahaha. Basically, I need to get my butt in gear. I have mountains of paperwork. I have to check out the line edits on my Interfictions 2 story (which Delia says are pretty much limited to stray commas, go me!). I have tons of organization to get done, systems to put in place to make it less likely that I'll get this overwhelmed again. I plan to alternate that with the writing - write until my back hurts, then stretch and do some active housework, then sit and write again. Also in the rotation, rest + reading time. Also I need to get with the blogging at This is my weekend. And Sunday evening I have the Grub Street Q&A/speech.

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