Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Evening miscellany

* I have knocked about a half-dozen Big Things off my to-do list of d00m today. I would like a cookie.

* I grow weary of having to always Be the Better Person. I would like another cookie.

* I *think* I have a ride that will get me back from Wicked Faire in time to make my special guest appearance in Mike Marano's Grub Street class. (lightcastle is amused that one of my stories is his homework this week.)

* Coyote-chan is here. Yay Coyote-chan! Elayna hadn't seen her in a while.

* I have very silly friends.

* I'll be in NYC 2/25, Cleveland 3/16, Chicago 3/17-18, and New Orleans 3/20-21, all for the Palimpsest road show. All of the events are open to the public, though you need to buy a ticket for some of them. Come on out, I'd love to see/meet you!

* I need to figure out what I'm getting Elayna for her birthday. An SJ Tucker house concert, yes! But that is an experience gift (which I do love giving, hence my desire to take her on a train trip), and I would like to give her a material gift as well. I must think on this.

EDIT: An important note on communication!
* My cell phone is usually off.
* We lose our home phone for days at a stretch, at which point it is drained of battery anyway.
* LJ's inbox is a clunky way to communicate. So's Facebook's. Anything that make me complete multiple steps will likely get shelved for a later than ends up never coming.
* Which leaves e-mail as still the best way to reach me; I may not get to reply right away, but at least I know where that communication is, and it cannot get lost.

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