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Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to ktpinto and parrish_relics!

Hello to new readers andreaknoll, annaguirre, magelette, and nwhyte - if you met me at Boskone, please remind me when and where? (NWhyte, I remember you for the consuite. :) )

The "sleep, sleep, and more sleep" plan for con recovery seems to be working; I feel functional. (Did I mention I have Celebrex now?) I was fairly functional this weekend, having saved my last Celebrex for Saturday; I was cane-dependent, but mobile.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
is currently locked. Basically, it's a lot of first drafts... fun to poke at and play with, but not always what I want representing me. If you sponsored me, give me your e-mail address - you get a .PDF of all of the stories. If you didn't and want the stories, PayPal me what you think 70,000 words of fiction is worth at shadesong AT, then put your e-mail address in that poll.

I've inquired as to how much it'll cost to print the WTD book; when I know, I'll take pre-orders. Some of you prefer individual chapbooks. I'll take pre-orders for those as well.

Gojirawitz Girls
I'll also be taking pre-orders for the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge chapbook, specifically for the "send Elayna to Explo" fund. :)

Ravens in the Library
Should be out in one week! Order today!

Happy-making review of Wool and Silk and Wood, from Electric Veocipede 15/16. "Of these, Lipkin’s poem stands out with its lyricism and the wonderful way in which we are reminded of the magic of everyday things. I love how Lipkin captures a grandmother’s yearning to keep her grandchild, even as she already accepts her own heartbreak at the grandchild’s obvious choice. Can anything be more speaking than this line? “There is alchemy right here, if only you would see it.”" *bounce*

Link Soup
* I kinda want to smell like Pon Farr.
* Items lost on London transport.
* Local artist friends: sign up for ArtBeat! I'm considering it.
* I like this.

Daily Science
...think of the mind-bogglingly enormous task presented to a scientist who wants to map how individual neurons are connected to each other. “It’s a bit like taking a giant plate of spaghetti and, without unraveling it, trying to figure out which strand goes where,” says Ju Lu, a postdoctoral researcher in molecular and cellular biology at Harvard. “Except in this case, each strand of spaghetti has up to 37 branches.”

But that’s exactly what Lu and a team of other neuroscientists from Harvard and MIT have done! As published yesterday in PLoS Biology, Lu’s team used genetic engineering with fluorescent proteins to map ‘connectomes’ — complete neural circuit diagrams — in mouse muscle tissue. It was painstaking work that went along at about a half millimeter per hour. But check out the incredible results...

Computery things. I have a batch of posts to make - about last week's movie, and the Vagina Monologues, ad Boskone, and upcoming events. Also have e-mail I need to weed through, and plans to make. I expect to be glued to the laptop til felisdemens hauls me off for Diesel.
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