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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to beagley!

Slowly but surely.

Posted the TOC late night. And phew! Am glad to finally be able to talk about that!

Looking for Love?
Is it you?

Leaving the anonymous-post open indefinitely, since people are having fun with/making good use of it. And no, I haven't made any confessional comments yet... if I do, they'll probably be non-anonymous, because that's how I roll. :)

Special thanks to dulcinbradbury, zarhooie, sweetmmeblue, bryant, and the rest of you who are jumping in there and being helpful.

One thread that I see winding through some of the comments disturbs me a little, and it's this: the implication that shiny people, or artists/musicians/etc., are Worth More. I definitely don't see it that way. Was discussing this with swashbucklr yesterday, and brought up my push to help raise money for s00j's medical bills, and said "The thing is, I would do that for anyone." And he agreed as how he knew I would.

I can't speak as to how anyone else feels on this, obviously, but I can give a little breakdown.

1. To me, you are all shiny. I am, as Elayna and her friends would say, "dead cereal." Because dude. You are all made of stories. You all shine. I want to sit down with all of you and an endlessly refilled cup of coffee and get to know the weird wonderful unique being that is you; you fascinate me.
2. I talk about artists/musicians/etc. here a lot, yes. Because they're my friends. I have somehow ended up with rock star friends. Tremendously gifted writers and jewelers and everything. And I talk about them a lot because
a) they're my friends, and
b) lots of them are just starting out, and they need the eyeballs, y'know? I want ioianthe to make money at her maskmaking, and ojouchan her ViolentBelle stuff. I want you to make money doing what you love, too.

I have no idea if that actually addresses the issue, because I'm not sure I fully grasp the issue. Feel free to help me grasp it, here or on the anonymous post.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
I have come to a decision, and the decision is this: I am closing the doors on the Wind Tunnel Dreams project.

Like I said a few days ago, WTD takes away from the time and mental energy I need to be working on Places You Haunt, or Seizure Lass, or short fiction. Or Shayara. I've been feeling that for a while, but the decision has been made difficult by the fact that WTD has been my only source of income. It's paid for my meds pretty regularly. And it's really hard to step away from that.

But it's throwing myself into short-term and torpedoing the long-term. And Right now, I need to focus on the long-term.

I will be casting about for ways to bring in money on a monthly basis. I'd like to try a sponsorship thing - I have no idea what I'd have to offer sponsors, though. I welcome ideas.

WTD may appear again - as a special treat, or as a way to alleviate financial crisis. We'll see. But it's definitely not going to be a regular thing. Because I want to write mo' betta' stories for you guys, and I need that focus.

I kinda love this idea.

Daily Science
In research published recently in Neuron, Marcos Frank, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, postdoctoral researcher Sara Aton, PhD, and colleagues describe for the first time how cellular changes in the sleeping brain promote the formation of memories.

I've been suffering from a creative block due mainly to the insane amount of clutter around my working areas. Seriously, have had this before. I see the piles of stuff all over, and I can't focus on writing. Housewife guilt. And since I've been sick, it's gotten pretty bad. So I'll be cleaning, since I feel up to it today. And then I will hopefully be writing. Tonight, I'm tabling for BARCC at Harvard's production of the Vagina Monologues - so I'm free for dinner in the Harvard Square area before the tabling (which starts at 7:30). And I get in free, but would love company if anyone's available - tickets are inexpensive.

My Valentinr - song
Get your own valentinr
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