Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Wind Tunnel Dreams

These are my thoughts right now. WTD is something I do for your donations, of course, so your input is very much desired...

1. PDF: Is finished and ready to go to last year's sponsors. Rather than dig through all of those PayPal links for hours, here's a poll asking for your e-mail address. If you didn't sponsor and want the PDF, hit the shiny PayPal button.

I sponsored WTD last year; here's my e-mail.

2. Pictures: Will not be included, but will be archived on

3. Website: Will now offer sample storybits and all of the art, rather than all of the stories. I may let people sponsor individual stories to get them archived on the site, if there's interest there.

4. Hardcopy: Like I said, I don't think a publisher would have interest in a single-author collection by an unknown; if you are or know of one, hook me up, because that'd be shiny. For now, I'll investigate the cost of getting it printed by saraphina_marie's husband's press, and I'll get back to you on how much that might cost. Pre-orders would likely be necessary.

5. WTD in 2009: I have not yet felt moved to do a WTD this year. I think that this is partly due to having career stuff to focus on... WTD is a short-term solution, and writing that I can sell to actual markets is a long-term goal. I do need the money in the short term. So we'll see. satyrblade suggested that I seek patronage for the writing I need to be doing careerwise. Would you be willing to be a Patron of the Arts for Places You Haunt?

I'd like your thoughts on this last part, especially. The times I'm nearly quit WTD in the past, it was because I felt that it was throttling my ability to get to the writing I wanted to be doing. Between seizure meds and fibro fog, I get about one or two hours a day when my brain is online enough to write, and one a day when I'm doing WTD, I can't work on Shayara, or PYH, or the short stories I want to be writing. So obviously I would like it if we could think up a system that allowed me to work towards long-term goals and still pay for my meds.

So there you go. Hi.

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