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Happy early birthday to ultra_lilac and fireriven, who advance a year this weekend!

You will be happy to hear that I am much improved. The cough has become "productive", and I have sufficient breath to speak. Progress is.

Max would like to say hello. He is curled up on my lap, and is attempting to type.

Max is content. And he does not currently smell like pancakes.

Link Soup
* Ten new amphibians discovered
* Great speech on the economy.
* Great video.
* Nifty ephemera.

Daily Science
US university researchers have created a portable "sixth sense" device powered by commercial products that can seamlessly channel Internet information into daily routines.

The device created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists can turn any surface into a touch-screen for computing, controlled by simple hand gestures.

The gadget can even take photographs if a user frames a scene with his or her hands, or project a watch face with the proper time on a wrist if the user makes a circle there with a finger.

The MIT wizards cobbled a Web camera, a battery-powered projector and a mobile telephone into a gizmo that can be worn like jewelry. Signals from the camera and projector are relayed to smart phones with Internet connections.

"Other than letting some of you live out your fantasy of looking as cool as Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report' it can really let you connect as a sixth sense device with whatever is in front of you," said MIT researcher Patty Maes.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Sock Monkey pajamas over a skull & crossbones tee.
Reading: Telling the Story: How to Write and Sell Narrative Nonfiction, by Peter Rubie, because I need to get to work on Seizure Lass. Also The House of the Stag, by Kage Baker.
Writing: I have done nothing this week. Damn plague. At this point I need to get the Telenias story out, because it is cockblocking everything else that's trying to come out. The cockblock of Obligation.
Planning: More resting, really. I may be able the breathe today, but I'm still very fragile.

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