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Needed: One (1) NYC art space/venue that does not suck.

Galapagos Art Space is unprofessional.

Y'all can feel free to get the Googlebomb rolling on that.

Basically, they have cancelled on s00j and catvalente's Palimpsest release party a mere 21 days before the event. For no reason that they will give. Other than "Sorry, someone else wanted it."

I'm sure there are words for how ludicrously rude and unprofessional this is, but for the moment, I am speechless.


How can you guys help?

They need a performance space, STAT. This is for February 25. The space should have a stage and room for a few acts, and should be able to hold a large audience.

Nexus powers activate, y0. Find a space! Help make this happen! Give info here.
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