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....hey, I get to read Victorian porn and call it research!

I love my job.

In all seriousness - no, the Telenias/Katrina story is not going to be porny. But the Victorian attitudes towards sex and class are very much in play. Telenias has a very Victorian point of view, and the beginning of his relationship with Katrina has the hesitance inherent to a man allowing himself to be seduced by a woman who he would have considered so far above him as to be unattainable. Sure, he's attracted to her at first glance, but he puts it out of his mind - or tries to. She is not only of the first circle, the seven Great Houses, she is of the highest-ranking House of all. And she is a woman in a matriarchal House. Her status could not be higher. And his - he is, at this point, an ordinary man in a second-circle house, one who only slightly moves in the circles she's pulled to the center of. And only then because he's the cousin of his house's kithara (head of house, second- or third-tier, female), and his defaulting to a reflection of his former Victorian life is considered curious and charming, so he is invited to represent house Tallart at parties and festivals, and acquiesces (with some reservations). (He always does what his house requires of him...)

So he becomes involved with a woman he regards as above him, classwise (she doesn't feel the same; she's modern in her thinking). And I know that their relationship has some kink to it, because that sets up something that happens later with Katrina and Stephen.

So I have to get into his head and see how he gets from not feeling fit to take her to the theatre, to his riding crop and her...

*ahem* Hi.

And yes, becoming the Telenias - which he does towards the end of this - changes him a great deal. But so does what happens with Katrina.

EDIT: So yeah, why not - anyone have any Victoriana/Victorian porn/Victorian kink links to send me? Comment here or, if you require more privacy, e-mail me at shadesong AT!
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