Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Oh look, more thoughts!

* The analogy I'm coming up with is that I am like a supertaster for vowels; I hear and say things others don't detect. Kinda like I taste MSG and cannot understand how other people don't.

* The fact that I grew up with English, Hebrew, and Yiddish, with Spanish in elementary school and Mandarin Chinese and French in high school (back to back 4th and 5th period, oy!) probably contributed to this. Especially because Hebrew has lots of unusual sounds, and Yiddish draws from so many different languages, and subtle inflections are so vital in Mandarin.

* The root of this is my frustration regarding the serial mutilation of my name. Let's look at this another way: I raised myself on fairy tales and folklore. Names are Important. Names are vital. Names have power.

So take the kid who believes in that, and deny her her name, deny her even the sounds that combine to make it, and you're gonna have a fight on your hands.

Hopefully that is sense-making. I have had coffee now.

(My daughter's name means light; she is named after my late grandmother, whose name meant star. Names in Shayara have Meanings, most of them. That's another post.
Shira means song.)

EDIT: The two other posts in this series have been locked to friends-only, as trolls were being sent over to wank at me. I can trust people on my friendslist to hold an intelligent conversation; I can trust my readers who aren't on my friendslist, too, but not The Internet At Large. Clearly. I look forward to reopening the posts for further discussion when the current wankery clears.
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