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Thor's Day

Teh Itchenening continues. The worst part isn't the itch, even... it's the stabbing pain, and the irritability that chronic pain brings. I hate feeling snarly. *sigh* Doctor tomorrow.

Okay, birthday festivities will be the weekend of March 6-8, seeing as the out-of-towners can make it then and not the previous weekend, and the few people who can't make it March 6-8 are local, so I can hang out with them the previous weekend anyway (especially Emily, as that's a Kyth-Saturday!).

Not sure yet what said festivities will entail. Last year we had a Roman bacchanalia, and I'd like to do something similarly offbeat. I don't want to do a full three days of party, because that rally wore me out last year. We'll definitely be breaking for the s00j/catvalente show/reading at Pandemonium that Saturday, 7-10. So maybe a Saturday daytime gathering? Or Sunday? I'm thinking not Friday, because I have people coming in from other states who have day jobs.

Elayna's Story
It is the interweaved story of five characters, four of which are pulled from her other stories, being pulled together and entwined at an inn... by Papa Ghede. Who is messing with their heads. So it's basically a shojo anime plot (five girls pulled together into an alternate world) + a voodoo trickster story.

9,700 words so far. With my editor hat on, I can see that it needs considerable fleshing out of the characters' worlds and their motivations and relationships with each other; they're pretty much just reacting to outside stimuli right now, but, y'know, Papa Ghede is poking them, so that's natural. With my Mama hat on? This is excellent. Diverse cast of characters hat should intermingle well. And... dude. The kid spent her entire day yesterday in writerbrain-trance. Amazing.

(And yeah, I'm envious re: the physical ability to do that! If I can get 2K out without my hands and wrists giving out, I'm lucky.)

Fandom as Folkore
This intrigues me.

Link Soup
* I wish I could bake this cake for Spooky.
* murnkay has a PSA for you.
* I kinda totally want these.
* Please tell slipjig your top ten movies!

Daily Science
Paging Peter Watts... Immortal jellyfish swarming across the world!

The Turritopsis Nutricula is able to revert back to a juvenile form once it mates after becoming sexually mature. Marine biologists say the jellyfish numbers are rocketing because they need not die. Dr Maria Miglietta of the Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute said: "We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion."

The edits I didn't do yesterday. Starting to collect 2008's Wind Tunnel Dreams into one big document for subscribers and possible collection. Reading/talk re: Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. Conference call re: blogging for the Interstitial Arts Foundation.
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