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Tew's Day!

Hello to new reader whitehandlady!

Same. Nauseated today, but it's probably too far out chronologically to be con crud...

Rabbit Hole Day
Not doing it this year, maybe for the first time ever - totally forgot it was coming up, so I have nothing prepared. "Doors" would suit, but it's got very dark subject matter and I've just pulled myself out of that cave. Next thing I write will be light and fluffy. So saith the 'song. *nod*

Wind Tunnel Dreams
I am not feeling the internal pressure to do a round just yet. I view this as progress, in that I am not panicking myself into putting short-term financial stuff ahead of long-term career stuff; I prioritized my Ravens in the Library story, and I have a list of other stuff like that to do. It'll happen when it happens.

For those of you who missed out on chapbooks - did you want chapbooks (if we reprint them), or would you rather wait for a full-length book?

Link Soup
* Science Fiction Series ‘V’ To Attempt Return To TV. Dare we hope?
* I just really love these.

Daily Science
Individual nerve cells in the front part of the brain can hold traces of memories on their own for as long as a minute and possibly longer, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found.

The study, available online and appearing in the February issue of Nature Neuroscience, is the first to identify the specific signal that establishes nonpermanent cellular memory and reveals how the brain holds temporary information. It has implications for addiction, attention disorders and stress-related memory loss, said Dr. Don Cooper, assistant professor of psychiatry at UT Southwestern and senior author of the study conducted in mice.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Gathering: A thoroughly homey, cozy and familiar place, coming in from the cold, stomping snow off your boots, unraveling rounds of scarf and joining with the others in front of the woodstove for laughter and good cheer. Gathering is the scent of seasoned wood, sweetened pipe tobacco, fir, ambergris, benzoin, frankincense, juniper and allspice to warm your nose, fingers and toes.
In bottle: Wood and sweetness.
On me: This is lovely and homey indeed...

There, Wolf: Woods & maple sugar candies & spiced rum
In bottle: All three things, but they seem clashy. Rum takes over on the afterscent.
On me: Definitely rummy and, sadly, not for me. :(

Miss Sadie Eugenia Sugarson’s Twinkling, Twirly, Four Hundred Diamante Diamonoid Encrusted Tiara: Really, it was an eye-sore, but it was hard not to love Sadie Sugarson and her “holiday crown” in some demented way, because in some secret, masochistic way, it really was what everyone looked forward to seeing at the office holiday party. It sucked light from the fluorescent tube lights and beamed out giant rays like one might expect from the eyes of some lunatic mega robot. It had some sort of track and device that enabled it to rotate on her head as well, which, for all intents and purposes, turned her head into a giant disco ball. Truly it was a phenomenon to witness and who knows where that tiara came from (quite possibly some far, distant galaxy?). Things got really cooking if sweet little Sadie had too much to drink she’d start offering the freak piece of machinery to others to wear. That was always a good time to go home to “let out the dog” or because you were “running a marathon” in the morning or maybe, quite honestly, your stomach gave that grumble that said, “for the love of god, get to the bathroom!” Sadie’s scent could be nothing if not sparkling, festive and glittery! Sweetened and spiced up plum, white tea, white ginger, galangal and black pepper.
In bottle: White ginger, with a whiff of plum behind.
On me: Plum made spiky by ginger and tea.

Bardot: In honor of the brassy French actress, now fervent animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot. In addition to always having great hair, Mme. Bardot has been an extremely important figure behind the legislation that has instituted laws for more humane treatment of animals that are destined for human consumption in France. A deep, vigorous and mature fragrance. Cassia, bitter dark cacao, riz de Basmati, honey, patchouli and pink peppercorn.
In bottle: Oooh! Cocoa and honey. Patchouli is barely present, not overwhelming. Peppercorn gives it bite.
On me: Lovely and dark/delicious. Must get some of this before it's discontinued!

Bisou: Crème de Cassis, crème brulèe, vanilla bean and brown sugar. This is a bit hard to resist.
In bottle: Kept from crazy sweetness by the cassis.
On me: Oh, hey, there's the crazy sweetness. Mostly vanilla.

Oof. Tighten up the opening to the Ravens story, then plot out which stories I'm tackling next. Photographing items for next round of s00j auctions. Looks like school may be closed tomorrow, so I'll leave the inbox-pruning til then. Diesel tonight, I think... I'd like to line up a ride back in advance, if possible, because it will be really freakin' cold.
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