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Arisia recap

How do you recap something this huge and sprawling? Ack, seriously. *laugh* To start with, I cannot possibly name-check everyone. So. If I hugged you, said hi, or even waved or smiled from a distance, know that you are part of what made this Arisia awesome.

I was Comics Track manager (again), on seven panels, had a reading, was a dealer, hosted a party, and more. So the groundwork that I laid last week really did ensure that the con went smoothly. Yay.

I will start with a compliment to the staff, and a thanks for the perks extended to staff and panelists. Rose and Josh and their merry crew kept the Real Food flowing in the Green Room (several people were excited to see salad, me included!). The massage I had on Saturday saved. My. Ass. What a brilliant idea. It gave me near-normal function for several precious hours. I think this is the one thing that made this con physically possible.

Omigod, you guys. I love seeing you. All of you. So, so many of you. I love Arisia, because I cannot walk down a hallway without seeing someone that I'm delighted to see. And all of the hugs! Those of you who are nonlocal - visit more often so we can have more time together!

S00j Benefit
The fundraiser was hampered by our inability to advertise, thanks to someone's public hissyfit. That, and someone was tearing down Barfleet's signage. :( But lots of wonderful things were not-raffled off to benefit S00j, and lots of Ravens flyers were distributed. I have a bunch of things that couldn't fit on the table that I'll be auctioning next week on saveours00j.

* Hands-on-Science for Teens: Abby rocked the house with demonstrations using dry ice and liquid nitrogen!
* Boundaries, Backup, and Buffy: Hampered by the pubs people putting in the wrong title and decription, so we only had three teens. We did a really great workshop, though, and we'll repeat it next year - hopefully with accurate info in the program!
* Sexual Politics and Problems at Conventions: A good discussion that can be continued on the LJ community. An hour is not enough time! But it was a good beginning to what has to be an ongoing process.
* The Power of Myth: Went in some fascinating directions. Great panel, great audience!
* Criss-crossing Genres: We ventured far afield, but had fun.
* Art and Illness: shava23 and I have very similar problems; I was struck again by how similar. Kyth had great input into the physical side. I could've done without the person who seemed to think she was the moderator and would not shut up or answer the actual questions, but such is life.
* Good Guys Wear Black: The Villain as Protagonist: Good fun panel, with some interesting tangents.

I only got to attend one panel I wasn't on: Minx No More. Elayna had some great insights into why Minx might have been mistargeted. The one I never thought of: manga trains the market Minx was targeting to expect series. Minx was doing one-shots. Manga fans want characters they can keep following eternally. Hm.

Also attended readings by Yuki_Onna and Margaret Ronald, and tried to attend the Catherine Asaro reading - I never do read the newsletter, so I didn't know it had been changed. :( Also missed a KRAD reading that way. Pfnu, as Mark would say.

Oh, lord, I am always nervous about parties; I always think no one's going to show up. And then everyone shows up. Which is what happened, even though our flyer was taken off the board and we were stuck in a little corner room with PiCon's party's signage blocking ours. People found us anyway.

And all you really need for a kickass party is a balloon that must not be allowed to touch the floor.

The balloon, like the TV and mirror, wore a mustache and a BIM mark, and was the hit of the party. Grown men and women bouncing and laughing and bopping a balloon around the room. Strangers would come in, and they'd either flee in terror or their faces would light up and they'd go for the balloon.

Love love love.

It quieted down later, which was also good, and we closed the door at midnight and just chilled. :)

Next party, I'm making sure we get a suite so we have more room to display Kyth's jewelry, Mandy's masks, Jenny's art.

And Emily is a kickass party-runner. Could not have done it without her!

So far as other parties: Barfleet and Ziggurat Labs still rock my socks. My socks, they are rocked!

Hot Chicks with Books!
I was a dealer for the first time this year, as one of the hotchixwbooks! This was a room full of, well, hot chicks with books.

Loved it.

Sara, KT, Gie, Terri and I operate on the same wavelength. In KRAD's pic of us, we are looking at the page for the Jackhammer Jesus dildo. Because that's how you exorcise a haunted vagina.

Yeah. It was like that. :)

Spent four hours there, selling my chapbooks as well as everyone else's, and had a great time. Can't wait for the next Hot Chicks con!

Sara Harvey saved my ass, typesetting and printing for me at the last minute, when I had the little spark of "Hey! I got material! There could be chapbooks!" We started with a modest 15-book run of each chapbook - Wind Tunnel Dreams vols. I and II, and Accidental Poetry.

Reader, I sold out of WTD I and WTD II. :)

Still have five poetry chapbooks, if you want $5 worth of poetry to carry around. And we will do, as Sara said, "Mo' bigger books" - the files I sent kept being too big, and we agreed that I needed a real bound book, but we just didn't have time. So. There may or may not be individual chapbooks in future; it may just be actual books.

I made real money, y0. :)

I swept through this weekend at warp speed. Like I said, all of the Arisia prep made that possible, and I had so few problems as to be statistically insignificant. I feel like I was running on a moving sidewalk and have stumbled off it into the real world; I am still looking around, bewildered, dreaming of Arisia.

The reading gets it own entry.
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