Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

Happy birthday to bryant and firebirdgrrl!

Hello to new readers erin_trying, miss_lisa_ma, and xoder!

The ongoing itch has mutated, causing sharp stabby pain yesterday. Yes, I have to call the damn doctor today. I hate having my day nibbled to death by medical crap. Also, it feels like fire ants on my torso. Except when it feels like nonconsensual nipple piercings. So forgive me if I am edgy today.

Continues apace. Tuesday was a day on the couch. Yesterday was a day on the computer. I'm hoping today's the day my writerbrain comes home. The story's lurking right outside, but it needs to come in of its own accord, if that makes sense - if I pull it, I'll break it.

Link Soup
* Quite possibly the death of indie comics.
* This is why I love my friends.
* Anyone know anything about this?

Daily Science
Archaeology counts. A new analysis of archaeological remains might have solved the mystery of the elusive kapeleia, lively Greek taverns that have long puzzled archaeologists.

Daily Scent-Stuff

Wood & Stones: Requested by a good friend, this gentleman’s fragrance is inspired by the scent of the forest. Wood, stone, earth and cool shaded air. Two mosses, vetiver, spruce, wild rosewood, cedar wood and a good handful of rich loam.
In bottle: The mosses jump out right away, followed by the soil; trees stay in the background. Faint soapy aftersmell.
On me: Sounds weird, I know, but - I wish there was more dirt in this! Or vetiver. It is light-mossy-pretty, and I wanted darker-foresty.

Boo: marshmallow & pumpkin
In bottle: Yep. That's marshmallow and pumpkin. Heavy on the former.
On me: Okay, you know how you have tosty marshmallows on sweet potato pie? This is that, but on pumpkin pie.

Ne Mangez Pas l’Enfant Jesus: a yummy scent of almond cake with brown sugared oats, spices, vanilla, honey and buttery, golden puff pastry.
In bottle: Oh hai dessert.
On me: There is an almond cookie that comes with my favorite dessert: the Mediterranean Wild Fig Sundae with pomegranate caramel. This smells like that tastes, with all of the attendant scents, that impossible sweetness.

Arisia recap. Finishing Teh Unpackening. Writing. BARCC thing tonight - an info session for news volunteers, where I get to talk about how awesome the community education and prevention program is.
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