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Medical issues at cons

Because I keep getting asked: no, it was not me who had a seizure at the con on Sunday. (One person actually ran down to my party to make sure I was okay!) Yes, I know who it was. Yes, that person is out of the hospital and doing fine. (Not IDing because I don't think they'd want that.)

The whole situation was handled very well. Fortunately, the person who saw the effects of the seizure recognized it for what it was and got the person to Ops; Ops knew who they were dating and were able to contact the SO; the person was whisked out by paramedics quickly and with a minimum of fuss; and everyone who needed to know was notified quickly. It was a clear-cut example of emergency response = you're doing it right.

But I wanted to re-post my tips on handling a potential situation like this, which is basically: I write on the back of my badge.

I think it was Readercon two years ago that first asked that people with medical conditions do that. I thought it was a great idea, and I try to do it at every con.

I should get stickers made up for the back of my con badge that say:

I have temporal lobe epilepsy. If I seem out of my mind, I am probably having a seizure. Please call Adam at $#. If the seizure lasts for more than five minutes, please call 911.
Other emergency contacts:
My MedicAlert #:

(MedicAlert will tell the nice paramedics what drugs I'm on and in what doses.)

I highly recommend this, if you have any condition that could potentially incapacitate you. And I'd love for it to become standard at cons, so people know where to look.

(The icon is because my seizure focus is my lesioned and wee left hippocampus. Sick hippo.)
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